The Alabama Math and Science Academy

Use the "Contents" button to toggle the table of contents In Mobile, Alabama's Midtown area, there is a public residential high school called the Alabama School of Mathematics and Science (ASMS). We are proud to say that ASMS is a part of the NCSSS (National Consortium of Science,

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In Mobile, Alabama's Midtown area, there is a public residential high school called the Alabama School of Mathematics and Science (ASMS). We are proud to say that ASMS is a part of the NCSSS (National Consortium of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math Schools). In 1993, it celebrated its first set of graduates.

With a novel public-private partnership model, the university was established in 1989. Both the state government and the private sector contribute to what is known as the Alabama School of Mathematics and Science. It takes its inspiration from similar institutions in North Carolina and Louisiana, where students spend their senior years of high school concentrating on rigorous coursework in mathematics and the natural sciences. Although it is a boarding school, there are no fees associated with attending. Student enrollment, PSAT, and graduation fees are the only other costs to consider. The annual student activity fee covers field trips and other regular school activities. For the 2019-2020 school year, the student activity fee was $1,575. All students are required to live in the area because [4] the school's main goal is to get them ready for college. [5]

A dragon is the official ASMS mascot.

Academics [ edit ]

There are no regular level courses; all instruction is at the AP/Honors level. Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science A, Environmental Science, Physics B, Physics C, Studio Art, English Literature, and United States History are just some of the AP subjects taught at ASMS. Over 40% of ASMS professors have doctorates, all have master's degrees, and nearly all have college teaching experience. [3] In 2012, the school ranked third in Alabama for producing college-ready students and 182nd in the nation, as reported by Newsweek. Varsity and intramural sports, residential life activities, and college counseling round out the academic program, which covers both the hard and soft sciences. The National Consortium of Secondary STEM Schools, Science and Technology (NCSSS) has granted ASMS accreditation through the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools. [3]

All high school seniors in Alabama are welcome to apply through a system similar to that used by universities. It was only high school juniors who were allowed to enroll at first, but starting in September 1998, sophomores were also welcome to apply. Seniors have been accepted, though it is unusual.

Class of 2016 students had an average composite ACT score of 29. Between 0% and 100% of the grads enrolled in colleges or universities[3].

Event Schedule for the Summer [ edit ]

Students entering 6th through 9th grades can participate in ASMS's summer academic camp. Annually, in June, approximately one thousand students spend three weeks participating in the Adventures In Math and Science summer program. ASMS teachers welcome students from all over Alabama to their classrooms. Classes range from 3D Printing and Design to ACT Prep to All About Animals to Apps for Smart Devices to Basic Geometry on Computers to Discovering Alabama's Outdoors to Drones and Race Cars to Environmental Science to Estuaries: Where Rivers Meet the Sea to Exploring Inner Space to Game Design with Unity 3D. Minecraft's Geology; Invertebrate Zoology; Doom Research Facilities; Minecraft's Terrain Using the Raspberry Pi to learn Linux; marine biology; meteorology; physics for fun; Python programming using the Raspberry Pi; robotics; rocketry; and studying nature-field biology in the outdoors. There is both an overnight and a day camp option at this facility. There are three weekly sessions of AIMS. Each AIMS participant takes three classes per week during the week, with time off on the weekends to enjoy the local waterpark. In order to gain entry to AIMS, one must compete with a large pool of applicants. There are more incoming full-time students who have participated in the AIMS summer program than there are spots available. The ASMSEA allows for AIMS to exist. The acronym ASMSEA refers to the American Society for Mechanical Engineers and has been the host of many different camps over the years. The association determines the price, location, and many other aspects of the camps it hosts. There are about 15 people on the board, but anyone can cast a ballot on a new initiative.

Facilities [ edit ]

A-S-M-S's main campus structure

Dauphin Way Baptist Church donated their building to the school, which was then extensively renovated to house classrooms, laboratories, and dorms. The school's first brand-new structure since the Boy's Dorm was constructed in May of 2006. After this project was finished, the old Student Activities Center (SAC) was demolished and the new one was ready for the 2007-2008 school year. Former state senator Ann Bedsole, who was instrumental in the school's early development, was honored by naming the new building in her honor: the Ann Smith Bedsole Building. There are several classrooms and offices, as well as a new library, a reception area, a coffee shop, a TV/lounge, and a games room, all located in the Bedsole Building.

The girls' dorm used to be split between two buildings; floors 1–4 were in the girls' dorm building, and what was called the "fifth floor" was actually on the fourth floor of the humanities building. The fifth floor was used to store extra furniture until the end of the 2009-10 school year, when it was closed by the faculty. The floor was remodeled after the 2016-2017 school year and renamed the Honor hall. There is only one, two-story structure that serves as the boys' dorm. The boys' and girls' dorms are each split into four halls named after famous people: Einstein, Curie, Newton, and Da Vinci. These halls compete against one another all year long in events like the talent show and the goofy olympics to determine the overall champion. When it comes to activities, the girls of the "fifth floor" of Honor Hall are spread out among the other halls so that everyone can take part.

Academic customs [ edit ]

Geekfest [ edit ]

High Fantasy club president Mike Zambrano worked with DDR club president Matt McCawley '05, anime club president Licki Kallenberg '05, and role playing and card game club president Anindo Sarker '05 to plan a large event in the fall of 2004/2005. gathering of the entire student body for the purpose of enjoyment As a result of its success, the activity is now regularly scheduled once every trimester. Jonathan Kush '06, president of the anime club, and Jean-Jacques DeLisle '06, president of the RPG club, were the primary organizers for the 2005-2006 school year. In its current iteration, Geekfest is not run by any of the original three clubs but rather by a separate group.

Geek culture is heavily represented at this event, which runs similarly to a miniature fan convention. A LAN party for PCs, indie console games, board games, card games, DDR, Guitar Hero, and other events are all examples of what could fall into this category. The SAC is where the event has always taken place, but due to renovations, it has had to be moved several times. For the 2006-07 school year, Geekfest was spread across several rooms in the Administration building. After the Bedsole Building was finished, the first-floor common areas were the site of a geek celebration. [7]

Anxiety-Inducing Party [ edit ]

The school hosts Stress Fest on the weekend before finals in the spring to give students a chance to relax and have fun before the looming academic pressure of the exams that follow. There will be a rock wall, ice cream truck, tie-dye T-shirts, barbecue, and live bands at the event, among other things.

Publications by Students [ edit ]

  • Oculus: showcases student-created literary and visual arts.
  • "Firewire" is the name of the school newspaper.
  • Azimuth is the name of our school's yearbook.

Successful past students [ edit ]

See also [ edit ]

References [ edit ]

References outside the text [ edit ]

  • Website of the American Society for Microbiology and Molecular Biology
  • Association of Former Students of the American School of Modern Languages
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