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19 rowsThis list of California ski mountains that are open today is updated daily. In addition to ...


CALIFORNIA. Alta Sierra: TBD. Badger Pass: TBD. Bear Mountain: November 23, 2021. Bear Valley: TBD. Boreal: November 12, 2021. China Peak: November 25, 2021. Dodge Ridge: December 5, 2021. Donner Ski Ranch: …


Plan your mountain getaway with our list of the best ski resorts in California. 1 Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows. Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows. 2 Heavenly Ski Resort. 3 …


LAKE TAHOE, Calif. (AP) — The skiing and snowboarding season got off to an early start in the Sierra Nevada on Friday, thanks to the powerful atmospheric river that delivered plenty of …


A massive California storm has dumped so much snow on the Sierra Nevada Mountains that Mammoth Mountain and Palisades Tahoe will open for skiing and riding on Friday, October …


Heavenly Lake Tahoe and Northstar California – Nov. 22. Mountain High Resorts – Nov. 22. Kirkwood Mountain Resort – Nov. 27. China Peak – Nov. 28. Sugar Bowl – Nov. …


02 Dec 2020 7:00 pm. On Tuesday, the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) announced COVID-19 guidelines for one of California’s largest recreation sectors: …


In this image taken Monday, Oct. 25, 2021., and provided by Palisades Tahoe, a dog stands in new snow near a chairlift at the ski resort as snow falls in Olympic Valley, Calif. …


Where is skiing in California right now? 11 Top-Rated Ski Resorts in California, 2022 Palisades Tahoe. Palisades Tahoe. Heavenly Ski Resort. Heavenly Ski Resort. …


Specialties: Mountain High is Southern California's closest winter resort with world-class terrain features, night skiing every night until 10pm, and no mountain driving. Three separate resorts …


Resort: Opening Day: Online Tickets Available: ASC Nordic Center: Dec 15: Bear Valley: Dec 18: Big Bear Mountain Resort: Dec 9: Boreal: Oct 29: China Peak: Dec 17: …


SKI CALIFORNIA RESORTS SHARE WHAT GUESTS CAN EXPECT THIS WINTER. Mountain resort operators in California and Nevada will open this season with new …


So it’s time to knock the dust of your ski gear and get ready for another epic season on the mountain. Here are all the opening dates for ski resorts in Northern California: …


See open ski resorts in Southern California and which of the open mountains got new snow in the last 24 hours. New Zealand. Resorts. Snow Reports. Top Snowfall. 16cm. Mt. Hutt Ski …


See open ski resorts in Northern California and which of the open mountains got new snow in the last 24 hours. New Zealand. Resorts. Snow Reports. Top Snowfall. 3cm. Charlotte Pass. …


Tahoe ski resorts like Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows are getting prepared to open for the 2020-2021 season, making as much snow as possible, while coronavirus cases …


Here’s when ski resorts in Northern California are planning to open: Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows : Nov. 25, weather and conditions permitting Heavenly : Nov. 20


Tahoe ski resorts are open — with or without COVID-19 guidance from California. Tahoe ski resorts like Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows are getting prepared to …


Mountain High ski resort in Wrightwood, CA, opened to the general public Nov. 15 with sell-out attendance and reported a snow base of 12 inches and a top depth of 20 inches. …


The announcement of skiing and snowboarding re-starting amid covid-19 has met with mixed reaction. “With coverage on the mountain about as good as it gets for April and golf …


Snow-Online.com offers a list of all open Ski Resorts in California with detailed lift and trail reports. Around Me Search . List Map Combined + + Skiing . Ski Resort Finder . Europe. …


Getting there. Fly into Reno-Tahoe International Airport or Sacramento International Airport for ski resorts in the Sierra Nevada range including those at Lake Tahoe. For smaller ski areas in Southern California, fly to Los Angeles International Airport. Best way to resorts is by renting a car and driving or taking a shuttle bus (where available). From Los Angeles International airport it’s ...


To save you the time and effort of researching opening dates for each resort, here is a list of those dates for the majority of ski resorts across the state of California: Alpine Meadows: 11/25. Bear Valley: 12/6. Big Bear Mountain Resort: TBD. Boreal: 11/09. China Peak Mountain: 11/28. Dodge Ridge: TBD . Donner Ski Ranch: 12/10* Heavenly: 11 ...


OPEN - 6 trails, 3 lifts, 5" past 3 days . Open. Keystone Resort OPEN - 14 trails, 7 lifts . Open. Loveland Ski Area OPEN - 13 trails, 6 lifts . Open. Mammoth OPEN - 40 trails, 10 lifts . Reopen. Mission Ridge Currently CLOSED but Plan to reopen on Wednesday December 8 (tomorrow) ...

  • 49 Degrees North  (Washington)
    OPEN - 7 trails, 4 lifts
  • Alta Ski Area  (Utah)
    OPEN - 84 trails, 5 lifts, 61" past 7 days
  • Alyeska Resort  (Alaska)
    OPEN - 3 trails, 4 lifts
  • Angel Fire Resort  (New Mexico)
    OPEN - 4 trails, 2 lifts
  • Arapahoe Basin  (Colorado)
    OPEN - 14 trails, 4 lifts, 4" past 4 days
  • Arizona Snowbowl  (Arizona)
    OPEN - 7 trails, 4 lifts, 20" past 7 days
  • Aspen  (Colorado)
    OPEN - 35 trails, 3 lifts, 3" past 3 days
  • Aspen Highlands  (Colorado)
    OPEN - 79 trails, 5 lifts, 6" past 3 days
  • Beaver Creek Resort  (Colorado)
    OPEN - 21 trails, 4 lifts, 21" past 7 days
  • Big Bear Mountain  (California)
    OPEN - 6 trails, 2 lifts, 10" Storm Total
  • Big Sky Resort  (Montana)
    OPEN - 58 trails, 6 lifts, 13" past 7 days
  • Blacktail Mountain  (Montana)
    OPEN - 25 trails, 4 lifts
  • Bluewood  (Washington)
    OPEN, 11" past 72 hours
  • Bogus Basin  (Idaho)
    OPEN - 42 trails, 6 lifts, 18" past 6 days
  • Breckenridge Resort  (Colorado)
    OPEN - 24 trails, 11 lifts, 16" past 7 days
  • Brian Head  (Utah)
    OPEN - 4 trails, 3 lifts, 24" past 7 days
  • Brighton Ski Resort  (Utah)
    OPEN - 27 trails, 4 lifts, 61" past 7 days
  • Brundage  (Idaho)
    OPEN - 43 trails, 3 lifts, 44" past 7 days
  • Buttermilk  (Colorado)
    OPEN - 26 trails, 3 lifts, 3" past 3 days
  • China Peak  (California)
    OPEN - 42 trails, 4 lifts, 70 - 94" past 7 days
  • Crystal Mountain  (Washington)
    OPEN - 53 trails, 8 lifts, 43" past 7 days
  • Deer Valley Resort  (Utah)
    OPEN - 15 trails, 9 lifts, 28" past 7 days
  • Diamond Peak  (Nevada)
    OPEN - 30 trails, 4 lifts, 52" Storm Total
  • Discovery Basin  (Montana)
    OPEN - 8 trails, 4 lifts, 12" past 72 hours
  • Dodge Ridge  (California)
    OPEN - 56 trails, 8 lifts, 76" past 4 days
  • Eagle Point  (Utah)
    OPEN - 40 trails, 5 lifts, 6" past 72 hours
  • Eaglecrest Ski Area  (Alaska)
    OPEN - 36 trails, 3 lifts, 2" past 6 days
  • Eldora Mountain Resort  (Colorado)
    OPEN - 15 trails, 5 lifts, 4" past 7 days
  • Great Divide Snowsports  (Montana)
    OPEN - 2 trails, 2 lifts, 6" past 7 days
  • Heavenly  (California)
    OPEN - 26 trails, 8 lifts, 17" past 3 days
  • Hoodoo  (Oregon)
    OPEN - 12 trails, 5 lifts
  • Keystone Resort  (Colorado)
    OPEN - 15 trails, 10 lifts, 10" past 7 days
  • Kirkwood Ski Resort  (California)
    OPEN - 36 trails, 5 lifts, 36" past 3 days
  • Lookout Pass Ski Area  (Idaho)
    OPEN - 19 trails, 2 lifts, 56" past 7 days
  • Loveland Ski Area  (Colorado)
    OPEN - 17 trails, 7 lifts, 8" past 7 days
  • Mammoth  (California)
    OPEN - 102 trails, 23 lifts, 14 - 17" past 3 days
  • Mission Ridge  (Washington)
    OPEN - 6 trails, 3 lifts, 10" past 5 days
  • Monarch  (Colorado)
    OPEN - 36 trails, 4 lifts, 8" past 6 days
  • Montana Snowbowl  (Montana)
    OPEN - 20 trails, 2 lifts
  • Mount Baker  (Washington)
    OPEN - 33 trails, 8 lifts, 61" past 6 days
  • Mount Shasta  (California)
    OPEN - 27 trails, 5 lifts, 18" past 72 hours
  • Mt. Bachelor  (Oregon)
    OPEN - 7 trails, 1 lifts
  • Mt. Hood Meadows  (Oregon)
    OPEN - 20 trails, 6 lifts, 42" past 5 days
  • Mt. Hood Skibowl  (Oregon)
    OPEN - 12 trails, 3 lifts, 6" past 72 hours
  • Mt. Rose  (Nevada)
    OPEN - 47 trails, 5 lifts, 92 - 98" past 4 days
  • Mt. Spokane Ski & Snowboard Park  (Washington)
    OPEN - 7 trails, 2 lifts
  • Nordic Valley  (Utah)
    OPEN - 4 trails, 2 lifts, 9" past 72 hours
  • Northstar-at-Tahoe  (California)
    OPEN - 55 trails, 8 lifts, 58" past 3 days
  • Park City  (Utah)
    OPEN - 21 trails, 14 lifts, 26" past 7 days
  • Powder Mountain  (Utah)
    OPEN, 16" past 72 hours
  • Powderhorn Resort  (Colorado)
    OPEN - 15 trails, 2 lifts, 30" past 7 days
  • Purgatory Resort  (Colorado)
    OPEN - 38 trails, 4 lifts, 12" past 7 days
  • Red River  (New Mexico)
    OPEN - 9 trails, 4 lifts, 2" Storm Total
  • Schweitzer Mountain Resort  (Idaho)
    OPEN - 3 trails, 3 lifts
  • Showdown  (Montana)
    OPEN - 18 trails, 3 lifts, 33" past 7 days
  • Silver Mountain  (Idaho)
    OPEN - 59 trails, 6 lifts, 18" past 6 days
  • Ski Cooper  (Colorado)
    OPEN - 43 trails, 4 lifts, 12" past 7 days
  • Ski Granby Ranch  (Colorado)
    OPEN - 5 trails, 4 lifts, 4" past 5 days
  • Ski Hesperus  (Colorado)
    OPEN - 26 trails, 1 lifts
  • Ski Santa Fe  (New Mexico)
    OPEN - 12 trails, 4 lifts, 3" past 7 days
  • Snow Valley  (California)
    OPEN - 14 trails, 3 lifts, 16 - 20" past 72 hours
  • Snowbasin Ski Resort  (Utah)
    OPEN - 5 trails, 4 lifts, 32" past 5 days
  • Snowbird  (Utah)
    OPEN - 19 trails, 5 lifts, 62" past 7 days
  • Snowmass  (Colorado)
    OPEN - 35 trails, 10 lifts, 5" past 3 days
  • Snowy Range  (Wyoming)
    OPEN - 9 trails, 3 lifts, 23" past 7 days
  • Soda Springs  (California)
    OPEN - 3 trails, 2 lifts, 62" past 3 days
  • Soldier Mountain  (Idaho)
    OPEN - 3 lifts
  • Solitude Ski Resort  (Utah)
    OPEN - 34 trails, 6 lifts, 40" past 7 days
  • Steamboat  (Colorado)
    OPEN - 46 trails, 8 lifts, 19" past 7 days
  • Sugar Bowl  (California)
    OPEN - 67 trails, 8 lifts, 66" past 7 days
  • Sun Valley  (Idaho)
    OPEN - 71 trails, 10 lifts, 30" past 4 days
  • Sunlight Mountain  (Colorado)
    OPEN - 3 trails, 1 lifts, 4" past 72 hours
  • Sunrise Park Resort  (Arizona)
    OPEN - 3 trails, 2 lifts, 7" past 6 days
  • Tamarack Resort  (Idaho)
    OPEN - 35 trails, 3 lifts, 47" past 5 days
  • Taos Ski Valley  (New Mexico)
    OPEN - 9 trails, 7 lifts, 13" past 7 days
  • Telluride Ski Resort  (Colorado)
    OPEN - 19 trails, 6 lifts, 20" past 7 days
  • The Summit at Snoqualmie  (Washington)
    OPEN - 10 lifts
  • Timberline Lodge  (Oregon)
    OPEN - 4 trails, 5 lifts, 6" past 3 days
  • Vail Resort  (Colorado)
    OPEN - 65 trails, 14 lifts, 19" past 7 days
  • White Pass  (Washington)
    OPEN - 21 trails, 4 lifts, 3" past 72 hours
  • Winter Park  (Colorado)
    OPEN - 33 trails, 13 lifts, 11" past 7 days
  • Wolf Creek  (Colorado)
    OPEN - 133 trails, 9 lifts, 14" past 3 days

The Ski Resorts Open in the United States page is a great place to visit when planning your next day on the slopes, you’ll discover whether your favorite ski resort is OPEN, CLOSED or if just the GLACIER is open. Also, with the Ski Resorts Open in the United States page, you can see the season dates for the current season, as well as, when ...


Another NorCal favorite, Dodge Ridge is a top affordable ski resort that has been operated by the Helm family since 1976. Today, the 800-plus acres of skiable terrain make it one of the best ski spots not only in California, but also in the entire country.


Plan your next California powder day or ski vacation with our snow report, 5-Day Hourly weather, 10-day snow forecast, cams, and snowfall history.


Check out this list of projected closing dates for ski resorts in Northern California. Sort the list by Resort Name, Projected Closing, 24 Hour Snow, Base Depth and User Rating …


Currently 20 ski areas (83%) out of 24 ski resorts reporting are open for skiing and snowboarding. State wide 62% of lifts are open. 73% of trails in California are open. Donner Ski Ranch has 0% of trails open, Northstar-at-Tahoe has 100% open, and Sugar Bowl has 98% open.


1. Diamond Peak. Located at Diamond Peak Resort in Incline Village, NV, and just about a 3-hour drive from Stockton, Diamond Peak is projected to open December 10, 2020. 2. Sierra at Tahoe. Only 2.5 hours away from Stockton, Sierra at Tahoe …


30-10-2021 · Mammoth Mountain received more than 3 feet of snow on its summit earlier this week, the resort wrote on Instagram. We’ll continue to update this list as more resorts open across the Golden State. Read the 2021-22 Winter in the West Issue Right Here

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Thanks to a fresh blanket of snow across the state, California ski resorts are opening early for the winter season—for many, marking the earliest opening weekend in decades.

The newly renamed Palisades Tahoe, for one, kicks off the season Friday through Sunday, with multiple lifts spinning plus specials like hot waxes and beers for anyone dressed in a Halloween costume. It’s only the third time in over seven decades that the resort has been able to open in October, according to Palisades Tahoe, thanks to more than 3 feet of snow on the upper mountains late in the month.

“Temps have warmed since the storm earlier this week, so snow conditions will be variable, and grooming is very limited,” the resort wrote on Instagram. “Be aware that early season obstacles exist.”

Another Tahoe area resort, Boreal, will see its earliest opening in a decade this weekend. Two lifts will be up and running at the Soda Springs resort starting Friday.

Further south, Mammoth Mountain is also opening at least nine runs and a small terrain park early.

The ski area is hosting music and a beer toast Friday to mark the occasion, plus a Halloween costume contest. Best “hard rock” or “metal-themed costume” will wine a prize pack, according to the resort. More Halloween fun can be found on the mountain throughout the weekend, with a trick-or-treat rail jam Saturday and scavenger hunt Sunday.

Mammoth Mountain received more than 3 feet of snow on its summit earlier this week, the resort wrote on Instagram.

We’ll continue to update this list as more resorts open across the Golden State.

Read the 2021-22 Winter in the West Issue Right Here

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October 18, 2021. 0. Photo by Aaron Feen. Winter has officially arrived in the mountains of Northern California, and ski resorts are prepping by hiring lift attendants, cleaning any obstacles that may have arose during the summer and, of course, making snow. With this preparation, these resorts have announced their tentative opening dates and ...


Mammoth Mountain (Photo courtesy of The Westin Monache Resort, Mammoth) After the second-snowiest October on record, Mammoth Mountain is throwing open its doors to skiers and snowboarders for the season before the first boo of Halloween this year, on Oct. 29, 2021, a full two weeks earlier than usual this season.

11 Top-Rated Ski Resorts in California, 2022

Big Bear Mountain Resort is in Southern California's San Bernardino Mountains, one of the few ski areas in California not found in the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range. The San Bernardino Mountains reach higher than 8,000 feet in elevation, high enough to get outstanding snowfall so close to the Pacific Ocean, only a two-hour drive (100 miles) from ...

Written by Lisa Alexander
Updated Jan 3, 2022

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To tourists, California is most famous for its beaches, surfers, and Hollywood movie stars. But to skiers, the appeal of California lies far from the coastline, in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, which form the eastern border of the state.

The ski resorts of California offer majestic alpine scenery, relatively mild and sunny winter weather, and luxuriant powder-covered slopes. In fact, many of California's ski resorts are on par with the top resorts in Colorado and even in Europe.

This list ranks the best ski resorts, based on overall skiing terrain and facilities. The resorts are found throughout the state, with the majority in Northern California's Lake Tahoe, Mammoth Lakes, and Yosemite. Other notable mentions are in Southern California, in the San Bernardino and San Gabriel Mountains, which are surprisingly close to Los Angeles.

California is one of the best places to visit in North America for exhilarating mountain scenery and downhill skiing. Before planning your winter vacation, weekend getaway, or day trip on the slopes, use our list to discover the top ski resorts in California.

Note: Some businesses may be temporarily closed due to recent global health and safety issues.

In Northern California's Sierra Nevada Mountains, overlooking the glistening emerald-blue Lake Tahoe, this premier resort boasts some of the longest ski runs in North America. Palisades Tahoe hosted the 1960 Olympic Winter Games and since then has been known for its advanced terrain and excellent ski conditions.

With an average of more than 300 sunny days a year, Lake Tahoe is one of the best places in California for a ski vacation. Plus plenty of powder snow blankets the expansive slopes, usually at least 450 inches in the winter season.

A ticket to Palisades Tahoe also includes entry to the neighboring Alpine Meadows ski resort, which is just a 15-minute shuttle bus ride away. Together, these two ski areas include more than 6,000 acres of skiable terrain and 270 runs accessed by 42 lifts.

Skiers of all abilities will find enough runs to suit their skills without having to repeat any trails. Intermediate trails represent the majority of runs, with 43 percent of slopes at both resorts rated as blue runs, while 25 percent of the runs are green (ideal for beginners), and 32 percent of the runs are black diamonds that only experts can handle.

Another highlight is the Village at Palisades Tahoe, with its first-rate restaurants and lodging options. Steps away from the ski lifts, the Squaw Valley Lodge is the place for a luxurious overnight stay.

The drive to Palisades Tahoe takes about three hours and 30 minutes from San Francisco if weather and traffic conditions are favorable.

Official site: www.palisadestahoe.com

As breathtakingly beautiful as the name suggests, Heavenly is one of the most scenic ski areas in California. About a three- to four-hour drive from San Francisco, Heavenly features 34 miles of groomed trails covering 4,630 skiable acres, making it the largest ski resort in the Lake Tahoe area.

Located at the border of California and Nevada, at elevations reaching up to 10,067 feet (with seasonal snowfall averaging 360 inches), the resort overlooks the crystalline waters of Lake Tahoe surrounded by snow-capped mountains. Heavenly's magnificent views are as much an attraction as the fantastic powder-coated slopes.

Surrounded by refreshing pine forests, the extensive, wide-open ski slopes include 97 runs accessed by 28 chairlifts. Many of the trails are lengthy runs extending as much as 3,500 vertical feet in descent. The lengthiest trail extends for five miles, which is the longest run on the West Coast.

Heavenly has runs for skiers of all abilities, including a good variety of intermediate slopes, and also features classes for those learning how to ski.

Expert skiers head to the resort's epic double-black diamonds that feature impressive 1,600-foot chutes. For adventurous freestyle skiers, Heavenly's two challenging terrain parks are a big draw.

Official site: https://www.skiheavenly.com

About a five-hour and 30-minute drive from Los Angeles, Mammoth Mountain Ski Area in the Eastern Sierra boasts outstanding skiing and snowboarding opportunities. The gorgeous setting in the Sierra National Forest, plentiful sunshine, and perfect powdery conditions make Mammoth a desirable ski destination.

With a peak more than 11,000 feet in elevation and abundant annual snowfall (averaging 400 inches per year), Mammoth is one of the first ski areas to open every year. The season often extends at least until May and sometimes all the way until the 4th of July. Another bonus for visitors, the Mammoth Lakes area has many lodging options and top-notch restaurants.

Mammoth Mountain is one of the largest ski areas in California, with three base lodges, over 3,500 acres of skiable terrain, and 25 lifts that provide access to 175 trails.

Mammoth Mountain is a great choice for advanced skiers, since more than 50 percent of the runs are considered expert and advanced.

Beginners can take advantage of Mammoth's Ski & Snowboard School (available at each base lodge), which offers private and group ski lessons. Each base lodge also has a Mammoth Kids school, which provides ski lessons designed for youngsters.

Daring freestyle skiers appreciate Mammoth Mountain for its Unbound Terrain Parks. The resort boasts nine terrain parks spread out over more than 1,500 acres, featuring challenging halfpipes, as well as dozens of jib lines and opportunities for over 40 different jumps.

Official site: https://www.mammothmountain.com/winter

Northstar California is the most family-friendly ski resort in Lake Tahoe, thanks to its kids' activities, ski school, and a wide offering of well-groomed trails. Adding to the enjoyment, many of the runs have lovely views and traverse pristine pine forests.

The ski resort covers 3,170 acres, with 100 runs that are accessed by 20 chairlifts. The majority (60 percent) of the runs are intermediate, 13 percent are beginner runs, and 27 percent are advanced. The longest run stretches for 1.4 miles.

Blessed with sunny weather and abundant seasonal snowfall, the ski slopes at Northstar are usually blanketed with fluffy powder snow. At times when snowfall is light, the resort uses snowmaking machines to improve the conditions.

A major attraction of Northstar is its alpine-style village at the base of the slopes. The village is convenient for shopping, dining, and lodging, with its extensive selection of restaurants and hotels ranging from casual to upscale.

Official site: https://www.northstarcalifornia.com

Kirkwood has a different, more remote feel since it's farther away from the hubbub of Tahoe City and South Lake Tahoe than the other Tahoe resorts. Perched on the Sierra Crest peak, this picturesque 2,300-acre resort is appreciated for its peaceful, unspoiled alpine scenery and challenging, diverse terrain.

Among the Lake Tahoe ski resorts, Kirkwood has some of the finest powder-snow conditions. Because of the high elevation (7,800 to 9,800 feet), the snowfall here is more plentiful and drier, which allows for better control while skiing even on the steepest runs.

Kirkwood is best suited for experienced skiers, who are able to take on the resort's legendary black diamonds. More than half of the resort's 86 runs (accessible by 15 lifts) are advanced (38 percent) and expert (20 percent), and even the intermediate runs (30 percent) are slightly more difficult here than other resorts' typical intermediate runs.

Only 12 percent of the runs at Kirkwood are rated beginning level. The longest run extends for 2.5 miles along tranquil forest-clad glades.

Ideal for an escape to nature, the Kirkwood area is less developed than other Lake Tahoe resorts. Many visitors appreciate the peaceful mountain atmosphere and rustic alpine architecture, although the lodging options are more limited than at the Palisades Tahoe, Northstar, and Heavenly resorts.

An excellent choice of accommodation, The Mountain Club is located right in the Kirkwood village near the ski lifts. This modern resort hotel offers ski-in, ski-out accommodations with a wide range of amenities, including a concierge, coffee shop, restaurant, parking, hot tub, sauna, steam room, and fitness center.

There are also vacation rentals in and around Kirkwood village. Visitors can choose from townhouses, condos, and cabins for short stays.

Official site: https://www.kirkwood.com

Quaint and small-scale in feel, this historic ski resort is loved for its charming ambience and wonderful powdery slopes. True to its name, Sugar Bowl holds the claim to the most snowfall (an annual average of 500 inches) of any resort in the Lake Tahoe area.

The resort is also the closest Tahoe ski area to San Francisco, only a three-hour drive away if traffic and weather permit. Plus there's parking right near the slopes, which makes it an easy day trip.

Those staying overnight will feel pampered at Sugar Bowl's old-fashioned European-style lodge, the Inn at Sugar Bowl, which features ski-in, ski-out accommodations and a fine-dining restaurant that serves gourmet cuisine in an elegant setting.

Steps away from the lodge are the ski slopes, nestled into the side of the mountain. The 1,650-acre ski area is sheltered from the wind, which makes for a pleasant ski experience. The runs cover four mountain peaks of Donner Summit, winding through spacious glades that are surrounded by dense pine forests, with spectacular mountain views at every turn.

With 12 lifts that provide access to 103 trails, Sugar Bowl has slopes for all ability levels. Most (45 percent) of the runs are intermediate level, while 38 percent are advanced runs and 17 percent are beginner "bunny hills."

Group lessons and private lessons are available for adults and children learning how to ski.

Official site: http://www.sugarbowl.com/

Big Bear Mountain Resort is in Southern California's San Bernardino Mountains, one of the few ski areas in California not found in the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range.

The San Bernardino Mountains reach higher than 8,000 feet in elevation, high enough to get outstanding snowfall so close to the Pacific Ocean, only a two-hour drive (100 miles) from Los Angeles if traffic allows.

Big Bear Mountain Resort at Big Bear Lake includes two major ski areas (one entry ticket is valid at both): Bear Mountain, with 748 acres of skiable terrain, and Snow Summit, with 240 skiable acres.

Known for its state-of-the-art facilities, Bear Mountain resort has 15 trails accessed by eight lifts. Most of the runs are intermediate (55 percent) and beginner (15 percent). Bear Mountain is also famous for its snowboarding terrain parks (14 in total), which rank among the top 10 in North America.

The family-friendly Snow Summit resort has even more intermediate trails; more than 60 percent of the resort's 27 trails are blue runs rated for mid-level skiing ability. The resort has six terrain parks, which are rated among the best in California.

Both Bear Mountain and Snow Summit offer ski lessons taught by certified professionals. Bear Mountain has the largest area in Southern California, dedicated to ski and snowboarding classes.

Official site: https://www.bigbearmountainresort.com/winter

California's oldest ski resort is surrounded by some of the most stunning scenery in the Central Sierra mountain range, near the world-famous attractions of Yosemite National Park.

About a four-hour drive from San Francisco, Badger Pass Ski Area is less crowded and more affordable than many of the Tahoe ski resorts. Families with kids will find this resort is easy to manage and stress-free.

This ski area includes downhill (alpine) ski slopes, as well as terrain reserved for cross-country skiing, snow tubing, and snowshoeing.

A snow-capped volcanic peak that soars to 7,500 feet, Mount Shasta is a truly awe-inspiring sight in Northern California. The Mt. Shasta Ski Park is found at the foot of this legendary peak (with a base elevation of 5,500 feet), in between the cities of Mount Shasta and McCloud.

Most of the hotels, lodges, and restaurants are in the town of Mount Shasta, but the nearby towns of McCloud and Dunsmuir also have a good selection of lodging and dining options.

Mt. Shasta Ski Park encompasses 425 acres of skiable terrain with 32 downhill ski trails. Most of the runs are intermediate (55 percent) with the remaining 20 percent beginner and 25 percent advanced level. The longest run extends for 1.25 miles.

Adventurous snowboarders love the terrain parks: Silvertip Terrain Park for beginners and intermediate-level riders, and the more advanced Revolution Terrain Park.

Cross-country skiers will also enjoy the many scenic trails.

For seasoned skiers, one of the most interesting things to do at Mt. Shasta Ski Park is backcountry skiing in the off-trail area (hiring a guide is recommended). Skiers may book overnight accommodations in the off-trail area at one of the Backcountry Cabins, rustic accommodations with basic amenities, including bunk beds and a wood-burning stove.

Official site: https://www.skipark.com

Mt. Baldy is the closest ski resort to the Los Angeles metropolitan area (50 miles away), just a one-hour drive if traffic permits. A favorite among expert skiers, Mt. Baldy is predominantly covered with advanced-level black-diamond and double-black-diamond runs.

There are only a handful of beginner and intermediate trails at Mt Baldy Resort. However, the resort does have a Learning Center that provides ski lessons to children and adults.

Official site: https://mtbaldyresort.com/

About a 1.5-hour drive (80 miles) from Los Angeles, this award-winning resort is the most popular ski area in Southern California. Mountain High ski resort is tucked away in the Big Pines region of the San Gabriel Mountains, part of the Angeles National Forest.

Three ski resort areas are available to skiers, with the same entry ticket. The West Resort offers a wide variety of runs, including technical trails used for contests.

The East Resort has the longest runs, jaw-dropping viewpoints of the Mojave Desert, and expert slopes with challenging moguls.

Well suited for families and anyone learning how to ski, North Resort features 70 acres of beginner-level runs.

The overall 290 acres of skiable terrain at Mountain High's three resorts is serviced by 11 lifts that lead to 60 trails, with 25 percent beginner runs, 40 percent intermediate runs, and 35 percent advanced runs.

Official site: http://www.mthigh.com/


When people hear California they think of summer, sun and beach. But Sierra Nevada in the eastern part of the state provides top conditions for winter sport enthusiasts and is one of the …

Three Sierra ski resorts are opening this weekend

27-10-2021 · Opening dates of Friday, Oct. 29, have been set by Palisades Tahoe (formerly Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows), Boreal and Mammoth. “Costumes are highly encouraged,” Palisades said in ...


Update: On Wednesday afternoon, Boreal joined the list.

Capitalizing on the October snowstorm, three California ski resorts have announced they’ll open this week.

Opening dates of Friday, Oct. 29, have been set by Palisades Tahoe (formerly Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows), Boreal and Mammoth.

“Costumes are highly encouraged,” Palisades said in announcing the Halloween weekend opening. Weather permitting, the resort will be open on weekends until full-time operations begin on Nov. 24, the day before Thanksgiving. It’s only the third time in its 72 years that the resort has opened in October, the announcement said.

Boreal, off Interstate 80 at Donner Summit, said Friday will be its earliest opening in more than a decade. It will have two lifts open. For three weeks, its hours will be 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Wednesday through Sunday, and on Nov. 19 it plans to switch to seven days a week.

Mammoth, in the Eastern Sierra, says it plans to open four lifts Friday with access to at least seven runs, as well as a small terrain park setup.

Among the dates currently set by other California resorts:

  • Northstar and Heavenly, Nov. 19
  • Sugar Bowl, Nov. 26
  • Kirkwood, Dec. 3
  • Homewood, Dec. 10
  • Tahoe Donner, Dec. 11
  • Mount Shasta, “mid-December”

Sierra-at-Tahoe, which was severely damaged by the Caldor Fire, says it is still evaluating its lifts and trails.

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  • SEQUOIA NATIONAL PARK, Calif. (AP) — A huge forest fire in Sequoia and Kings Canyon national parks has been fully contained more than three months after it broke out, officials said.
  • SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Another round of widespread rain and heavy snow in the mountains is shaping up for recently drenched California and much of Nevada in the coming week and could create hazards for holiday travelers, forecasters said Saturday.
  • Police say Carlos Palmerin fled to Mexico in a stolen truck but was caught trying to re-enter the U.S.
  • The county had an unemployment rate of 2.9% in November, down from 3.4% in October, according to data released by the California Employment Development Department on Friday.

California is a state where both summer and winter have intense changes. So, skiing lodges and resorts aren’t the most surprising vacation spots to see. Way up north is the …

The Best Places to go Skiing in Northern California

Heavenly Ski Resort. Location: 3860 Saddle Road, South Lake Tahoe. Magnificent peaks, winding trails, and snowy terrains await at Heavenly Ski Resort—Northern …

The History of Sacramento

Sacramento is California’s capital city and it’s full of culture and uniqueness. Come along and dive into the rich Sacramento history.

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These 11 tips will help you boost your mental health despite the stress and hustle of your daily life.

9 Ways Sonoma County Can Offer A Lifestyle You Enjoy

Looking for something different when it comes to lifestyle in the Golden State? Sonoma County might have just what you need.

The Best Bixby Bridge Photo Ops

Here are the best Bixby Bridge Photo Ops in one of the most Instagrammable and photogenic landmarks in California.


Mammoth Mountain. . Mammoth Mountain is one of California’s largest ski and snowboard resorts at 3,500 skiable acres. The resort has a big vertical drop, and a large annual snowfall of 400” to go with the huge selection of terrain. All of this powder is balanced, however, by 300 days of sunshine, making for plenty of bluebird powder days ...


6:46 | Open @ 8:30 AM for Skiing/Riding Delayed Opening Possible due to Snow New Snow: 2” Forecast @ 9,000': Cloudy w/snow showers. L14° …

LIST: When Lake Tahoe ski resorts are planning to open for ...

22-10-2021 · — Palisades Tahoe (@palisadestahoe) October 28, 2021 RELATED: Squaw Valley changes 'offensive' name of resort to Palisades Tahoe Northstar California Resort - Opening Friday, November 19, …

LAKE TAHOE, Calif. (KGO) -- The 2021 Lake Tahoe ski season is off to a decent start with significant October snow, but when will you actually be able to hit the slopes?Here's a list of when all the major ski resorts in the Lake Tahoe area are planning to start operations for the 2021-2022 ski season (all dates are weather permitting):
RELATED: South Lake Tahoe sees 1st snowfall of the season
Updated: October 28, 2021Boreal Mountain Resort - Opened Friday, October 29.Palisades Tahoe & Alpine Meadows - Opened Friday, October 29 for weekends only. It has reopened seven days a week but in the beginners terrain only.
Updated: December 10, 2021

RELATED: Squaw Valley changes 'offensive' name of resort to Palisades Tahoe

Heavenly Mountain Resort - Opening Saturday, December 11, according to their website.
Updated: December 10, 2021

We are excited to announce that Saturday, December 11th is our opening day! Temperatures have been steadily dropping and our snowmakers have been working around the clock to prepare the resort for opening. We look forward to welcoming you back for another awesome season! pic.twitter.com/TI3z6UmD8z

— SkiHeavenly (@skiheavenly) December 9, 2021
Homewood Mountain Resort - Still currently closed, but according to their website they are watching forecast conditions.
Updated: December 10, 2021Kirkwood Mountain Resort - Opening Saturday, December 11 according to their website.

Who is ready to ski and ride tomorrow? We are so excited to see you all for opening day! Terrain: Chair 5 (Solitude) will begin loading at 9am, with Outlaw trail open for skiing and riding. Dining:

Monte Wolf’s, General Store, Wall Bar, K Bar pic.twitter.com/1d7Vjw5Ci0

— Kirkwood Mountain Resort (@KirkwoodMTN) December 10, 2021
Northstar California Resort - Opening Sunday, December 12.
Updated: December 10, 2021

Get your gear ready, the skiing and riding season will start on Sunday, December 12th! Thanks to the colder temps supplied by Mother Nature, and the incredible work from our Mountain Ops team, we've made enough snow and we're ready to go. We can’t wait to see you on the slopes! pic.twitter.com/s58vohWDFk

— Northstar California (@Northstar_CA) December 10, 2021

Sugar Bowl - Still currently closed, according to their website.
Updated: December 10, 2021Sierra at Tahoe - Opening as soon conditions permit. The Resort is still evaluating 2021 operations as a result of the Caldor Fire.

RELATED: Family of bears cools off next to crowd of people at South Lake Tahoe beach

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Every Ski Resort That Will Be Open In May

19-04-2021 · ^Arapahoe Basin, 6/1/19. Photo: Matt Lorelli. Most people don’t go skiing past April, but there are a few resorts that keep spinning lifts throughout May for the diehards. These ski resorts/areas have scheduled closing dates within or after the month of May. The projected closing date is listed next to the resort’s name.


By Matt Lorelli | April 19, 2021 10:22 am ET

^Arapahoe Basin, 6/1/19. Photo: Matt Lorelli

Most people don’t go skiing past April, but there are a few resorts that keep spinning lifts throughout May for the diehards.

These ski resorts/areas have scheduled closing dates within or after the month of May. The projected closing date is listed next to the resort’s name.

Resorts without a listed closing date have been marked with “TBD”.

Please note that all closing dates are subject to change.


About - Arizona Snowbowl

^Courtesy: Arizona Snowbowl

Arizona Snowbowl: 5/2 (official closing day not announced yet)


^Courtesy: Mammoth Mountain/Alterra

Mammoth Mountain: TBD
Squaw Valley: 5/31


A Spring Break Survival Guide for Skiers and Snowboarders - Colorado Ski Country USA

^Courtesy: Arapahoe Basin

Arapahoe Basin: 6/6 (estimated)
Breckenridge: 5/31
Loveland: 5/9
Winter Park: 5/9


Mt. Bachelor | Contact Us

^Courtesy: Mt. Bachelor

Mt. Bachelor: 5/30
Mt. Hood Meadows: 5/1
Timberline Lodge: TBD (usually in August)


Spring Stay & Ski

^Courtesy: Snowbird

Snowbird: TBD (usually in June)


May be an image of one or more people, nature, snow and people skiing

^Courtesy: FACEBOOK/Jay Peak

Jay Peak: TBD
Killington: TBD


No photo description available.

^Courtesy: FACEBOOK/Summit at Snoqualmie

Alpental: TBD
Crystal Mountain: 5/9
Mt. Baker: 5/5
Best ski resorts in California

Biggest and best for nightlife. California’s biggest ski resort sprawls out across a massive 4,800 skiable acres straddling South Lake Tahoe ’s California/Nevada border, with a festive party scene and all the requisite crowds that come with it.

For those wondering whether to buy a ski pass or purchase lift tickets and renting versus buying equipment, it all comes down to how often you plan to ski. If you’re only going to be skiing once, there’s no reason to plunk down ,395 on the all-access 33-resort Ski California Gold Pass or a brand new set of pricey skis. Then again, if you plan to stick around for a while and hit a number of resorts located in close proximity to one another, you might want to look into a regional pass like the Tahoe Local Pass.

Here’s our guide to the best ski resorts in California by region and skier type.

View of Twin Lakes, Lake George, the southeastern slope of Mammoth Mountain, Mono County, eastern California, eastern Sierra Nevada, Inyo National Forest, shot from drone, summer view
Mammoth Mountain is framed by some of the most gorgeous mountain vistas in the country © Getty Images/iStockphoto

Best in Northern California

Mammoth Mountain is a truly majestic winter playground, framed by some of the most gorgeous mountain vistas in the country (if not the world). Located in the high Sierra Nevada mountains about 67 miles from Yosemite National Park, the remote area boasts an abundance of alpine lakes as well as the highest elevation of any California ski resort.

With a peak elevation of 11,053 feet, Mammoth Mountain welcomes everyone from first-timers and families to thrill-seekers and Olympic athletes like Sean White (who often trains here.) When you’ve had your fill of skiing, just get out and enjoy the nature all around or experience the endlessly charming small-town vibes of Mammoth Lakes.

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Skiing in California
Big Bear is a spot to check off your list for a great day of skiing in California © Shutterstock / Cavan Images - Offset

Best in Southern California

Located about 100 miles east of Los Angeles in the San Bernardino Mountains, Big Bear should please everyone in the car making the drive up (if you survive the traffic.) This longtime getaway for Angelinos should also be on the radar for visitors as well, with skiing unfolding across the twin resorts of Bear Mountain and Snow Summit.

Offering scenic views of Big Bear Lake (when the water isn’t at its current historic low levels) and a wide variety of terrain from beginner to advanced -- with its half pipes and terrain parks making it a particularly popular destination for snowboarders -- Big Bear is a spot to proudly check off your list for those looking to complete the epic SoCal combo of skiing and surfing in the same day. Only in California.

Getting to Big Bear: 100 miles east of Los Angeles via I-10 and 145 miles northeast of San Diego via I-15. Big Bear can also be accessed from Palm Springs via several 80-90 miles routes.

Lake Tahoe views
Northstar California Resort is perched on a quiet hill in North Lake Tahoe © Alberto Stocco / Shutterstock

Best for families and beginners

For a more high-end experience perfect for families and beginners, Northstar is a bit like California’s answer to Vail. Which makes sense, being that it (along with two other Tahoe resorts) is owned by international ski conglomerate Vail Resorts. Perched in a peaceful area in quieter North Lake Tahoe, Northstar offers several family-friendly amenities from its popular skating rink to romantic stargazing tours on the mountain.

The highly regarded kid’s ski school is one of the best in the state, and the après-ski options are endless in its quaint European-styled village. Stay in posh accommodations at the mountainside Ritz Carlton Lake Tahoe and be sure to spend some time exploring the nearby locals-friendly town of Truckee.

Heavenly ski resort Gondolas on a sunny day
Take a lift up for massive views of Lake Tahoe from Heavenly Mountain Resort's incredible slopes © Sundry Photography / Shutterstock

Biggest and best for nightlife

California’s biggest ski resort sprawls out across a massive 4,800 skiable acres straddling South Lake Tahoe’s California/Nevada border, with a festive party scene and all the requisite crowds that come with it. A popular bachelor party destination with raucous casinos along the Nevada side and plenty of year-round debauchery, they also do a fair amount of skiing here too.

With California’s highest vertical drop at 3,812 feet, Heavenly checks all the boxes of a major ski resort with all the amenities you could ever need from A-list shopping and dining to massive views of Lake Tahoe from the slopes that simply never get old. Just try to keep up. This is gonna be a long weekend.

Getting to Heavenly: 60 miles southwest of Reno or 190 miles northeast of San Francisco via I-80.

Best for snow and expert terrain

Looking for fresh powder and smaller crowds? Head to Tahoe’s lesser-visited Kirkwood Resort, tucked away in a remote section of forest about 45 minutes south of bustling South Tahoe. With an average snowfall of 500 inches -- tied for the most in California and more than any resort in Colorado -- Kirkwood is an under-the-radar gem (although the resort has gained in popularity in recent years.) From rugged cliff jumps and steep tree runs to massive powder bowls and gnarly snowcat skiing, this isn’t for the faint of heart.

Getting to Kirkwood: 85 miles southwest of Reno via I-580 or 190 miles northeast of San Francisco via CA-88.

Best off the beaten path and budget option

If you’re looking to take a break from the corporate resorts and really get lost in the wilderness, head all the way up near the Oregon border to discover this most unique of California ski experiences. While it may not have the finest snow or the fanciest hotels, this cozy little resort more than makes up for it in eccentric characters drawn to this one-of-a-kind “spiritual vortex” at the base of the reportedly sacred Mt. Shasta.

Famous for its spectacularly life-affirming night skiing under star-blanketed skies, lift tickets are also around half of what you’d pay at the major resorts. Swoosh down the slopes with folks less interested in showing off their expensive gear or perfect slalom form and more keen to just have fun while enjoying being out in nature. Which is kind of what skiing is all about, right? 

How to get to Mt. Shasta Ski Park: 280 miles northeast of San Francisco or 370 miles south of Portland via I-5.


Mammoth Mountain, Lake Tahoe and other California ski resorts remained open Wednesday while trimming operations to fit a new state COVID-19 order. But skiers, boarders and leisure travelers are banned from overnight stays in lodgings in Southern California and the Eastern Sierra, and a similar ban takes effect as Friday begins in the Greater ...


Print. Mammoth Mountain, Lake Tahoe and other California ski resorts remained open Wednesday while trimming operations to fit a new state COVID-19 order. But skiers, boarders and leisure travelers ...


Big Bear is one of the best Southern California ski resorts and it’s only 2.5 hours from LA. Tucked in the San Bernardino Mountains, Big Bear is actually made up of two ski resorts: Bear Mountain and Snow Summit.


Here are the ski resorts near Los Angeles, California, in order of proximity: Mt. Baldy Ski Resort (50mi/1hr) Mt. Baldy Ski Resort. Photo: facebook.com.MtBaldyResort. Mt. …


3 hours ago · The California Department of Transportation said a massive boulderBeautiful View! 2 parcels (APN# 037-130-003, 037-140-001) just 15 minutes outside of South Lake Tahoe, …