2023's Top States with the Brightest Shades of White in the USA

Explore America’s Whitest States! Did you know that in 1950, the US was primarily composed of white people, numbering almost 90% of the population? Today, however, whites compose only about two-thirds of the total race population, with projections for 2050 indicating that less than half of the population will be white. So, which states are still holding onto their whiteness? Without venturing into stereotypes, the facts indicate that some states have a majority of whites, with Maine being the whitest of all, at 93.6%.

Whitest States In America Map For 2023

According to recent American Community Survey findings from the census, Maine holds the distinction of being the whitest state in America. To be precise, Maine's population is 92% white. In comparison, the US as a whole is only 61.3% white, making Maine 50% whiter than the country's average. Using the definition of “non-Hispanic or latino, white” to count for "white" in this article, we found that the upper Northeast is the part of the country with the highest percentage of white people. Maine, Vermont, and New Hampshire occupy prominent spots in the top ten whitest states. The Midwest's picture might seem whitewashed in our minds, but Upper New England is way whiter.

On the other end of the spectrum, the more you head South and West, the more diverse it gets. Hawaii, the most diverse state in the country, also has the fewest white people.

Although Iowa is among the top ten whitest states, given its position as the first state to conduct primaries for both parties, it’s disheartening to discover that Iowa doesn’t represent America's diversity.

While we take pride in Maine's beauty, low crime rates, and relaxed lifestyle, research shows that Maine's lack of diversity stems from the high cost of living and lack of affordable rental housing, making it unattractive to ethnic minorities. It's interesting to note that the white population in the northern part of the country doesn't seem to perceive racial diversity as a problem in the same way as people in the southern states. Perhaps, in contrast to other areas, the white people up here in Maine do not care that everyone around them is white.

Maine|Me, ME

The state of Maine seems content with their 92.0% white population, with a total of 1,248,581 white residents out of a population of 1,357,046. While there has been a -0.8% change in this percentage, the state remains the same in rank from last year, as the majority of the population is still white. For those interested in this area, there are various photos and rental options available at the attached links.

Next, we travel to Vermont, where 91.9% of the population is made up of white residents. Potentially, depending on your location in the state, you may not have seen a person of color for a few months. Vermonters enjoy outdoor activities, such as hiking, camping, and skiing, and are known for being liberal and caring about the environment and their communities. The Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts remain popular, as does yoga, and many drive 4-wheel drive SUVs like Subarus. The communities of Rutland and Barre are the whitest areas of Vermont, with a white population of 589,575 out of a total population of 641,637.

Vermont|Vt, VT

West Virginia is home to some of the whitest places in the United States, like Moundsville and New Martinsville. While the state is known for its mountain terrain, they also have a population that is nearly 95% white. To those who are fans of this state, some more information and pictures can be found through the links provided.

This particular melody originates from John Denver, an artist who is highly revered amongst a particular demographic: white people. In his tune about West Virginia, he sings about the beauty of the state, but neglects to mention the glaring lack of diversity. An astonishing 91.2% of West Virginia's population is white, with an overwhelming majority being avid NASCAR fans. This sports event is arguably one of the most "white" in the world, and children are practically raised with headsets on in West Virginia.

West-Virginia|Wv, WV

Moving up north to New Hampshire, we find another state heavily populated by white people. Approximately 88.9% of New Hampshire's people identify as white. This state's culture is casually intertwined with farmers' markets, Subaru vehicles, and granola bars, all of which are enjoyed almost exclusively by white people. Interestingly, did you know that 97% of Subaru owners are white? The lack of diversity in towns like Franklin and Claremont are indicative of just how "white" New Hampshire is. Non-white people who move to this state often complain about the lack of diversity, and sometimes can even forget how to speak their native language if they stay too long.

Montana is not one of the most populous states, with only 900,000 people calling it home. However, this state boasts one of the lowest minority numbers in the entire country, with approximately 85.1% of its residents being white. This means that there are only about 18,000 African Americans and 16,000 Latinos in the entire state! Surprisingly, the whitest town in Montana is aptly named Whitefish.

New-Hampshire|Nh, NH

Why do Caucasians have a special affinity for cold weather?

The residents of Montana, who are mostly white, cherish hunting like no other state. A significant number of Montanans have deer stands in their front yards, and during hunting season, they will summon the courage to call in sick to work so that they do not miss a day of adventure. In fact, the prowess of a Montanan white male hunter is measured by his success in killing does the previous winter and the size of his firearm.

Montana's population is 1,077,978, with a white population of 916,991, accounting for 85.1% of the state's total population. From last year, the percentage of white people increased by 6.9%.

Iowa rightly features on this list. When people think of Iowa, they often imagine farming first, followed by wrestling, both activities that are predominantly dominated by white Americans. In the United States, Iowa ranks third in terms of the number of farms after Texas and Missouri.

Montana|Mt, MT

Iowa is also home to famous white farmers like Farmer John, Old MacDonald, and Ray from the well-known movie Field of Dreams. In terms of entertainment options, white Iowans engage in activities like cow tipping, constructing corn mazes, and attending the state fair, particularly in cities like Carroll and Manchester.

Iowa's population is 3,179,090, and its white population is 2,681,793, which represents 84.4% of the state's total population, a decrease of 0.6% compared to the previous year.

Kentucky is known for its horse breeding and bourbon production, both of which tend to appeal to white people. Approximately 83.6% of Kentucky's population is white. Many Kentuckians are known to own pickup trucks, drink Budweiser, and chew tobacco.

Iowa|Ia, IA

If you happen to be from Cold Spring, KY, then this description probably resonates with you.

Note: Data on population and race are from various sources, including Homesnacks, while images are from Wikipedia.

Do white people really love basketball and chicken? That seems to be the stereotype for the great state of Kentucky. Share your thoughts in the comments below!

With a population of 4,494,141, Kentucky maintains its ranking as the 7th whitest state in the U.S., with 83.6% of its residents being white. If you're curious about Kentucky, check out some photos or learn about the average rent.

Kentucky|Ky, KY

Moving on to North Dakota, we find ourselves in another cold and pale state, with 83.1% of its population being white. This means that a large portion of North Dakotans spend their days indoors watching Seinfeld reruns or playing gin rummy. Hockey is also a big deal in North Dakota, with 1 in 5 kids playing it! The rest of the population is made up of Native Americans (5%), Latinos (4%) and African Americans (1%). If you're looking for a really white place in North Dakota, try Valley City.

North-Dakota|Nd, ND

The 9th whitest state goes to Wyoming, also known as the Cowboy State. With cowboys being a total white thing, it's no surprise that Wyoming boasts an 83.1% white population. Ropin', ridin', and mutton bustin' are some of the activities cowboys love, and if you don't know what mutton bustin' is, it's when a kid tries to ride a sheep for at least 8 seconds.

Population-wise, Wyoming has a population of 773,344 and if you want to know more about it, you can check out some photos or learn about the average rent.

Wyoming is known to have a predominantly white population, with around 83.0% of its residents identifying as white. The black community comprises only about one percent of the state's population, and Native Americans make up around two percent of Wyoming's populace. This trend is particularly evident in places like Sheridan. Country music is also quite popular in Wyoming, being a common interest amongst the white population. The state is renowned for its outdoor activities like camping and hiking, which tend to attract white individuals.

Wyoming|Wy, WY

South Dakota is another state with a high white population, which stands at 80.8%. However, about 10% of the people living in the Mount Rushmore state identify as Native Americans due to the existence of sizable native reservations. South Dakota is famous for Mount Rushmore's white monument consisting of four white guys, making it a hub for people like white ice fishermen named Ned who commute on snowmobiles. Even the urban areas in the whitest cities, like Brandon, have white names.

South-Dakota|Sd, SD

The US Census data from 2017-2021 was used to determine the whitest states in the country. Data provided by table B03002, which breaks down race by non-Hispanic/latino, was examined. The states were ranked by the percentage of non-Hispanic white people living within their borders, leading Maine to emerge as the state with the most significant white population. The data can be downloaded here. Notably, the northeast United States has the highest percentage of white people migrating to its states due to factors like lack of employment and cultural heritage in these areas that does not attract a diverse set of people.

It remains to be seen whether internal migration of people to different states prompts a shift in these patterns over time. As of now, the white population in Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, and other similarly white states will continue doing things which pertain to their customs and lifestyle. Hawaii, California, and New Mexico have the lowest percentage of white residents in comparison.

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