According to Sharecare's Community Well-Being Index, Massachusetts is the healthiest state in America, while Mississippi is the unhealthiest.

Key well-being indicators show improvements despite the pandemic, and the best and worst ranked states closely correlate with the results of the 2020 presidential election.

The digital health company Sharecare, in collaboration with the Boston University School of Public Health (BUSPH), released a report today claiming that Massachusetts was the healthiest state in the country in 2020. The report was released in Atlanta on May 25 of that year. This new study, the thirteenth iteration of Sharecare's Community Well-Being Index state rankings, finds that community well-being improved in some ways in 2020, though significant differences remain across states based on factors like residents' demographics, access to key community resources, and other variables.     

Using data collected over the course of more than a decade and in excess of three million surveys, Sharecare has compiled the most comprehensive assessment of community health in the country in the form of their Community Well-Being Index. Over 450,000 participants from all 50 states had their health, social networks, and financial stability evaluated as part of the 2020 study. healthcare access, food access, resource access, housing and transportation, and economic security were found to be most associated with community health outcomes after an analysis of more than 600 elements of social determinants of health.    

Rankings of states begin and end with Massachusetts and Mississippi, respectively.

There has never been a time before when Massachusetts has been ranked as high as No. number one in community well-being, with Hawaii close behind as a perennial leader. Mississippi ranked dead last for the second consecutive year, and six other Southern states also landed in the bottom 10 this time around.   

The state of Massachusetts ranked first because of its high standards in both the social determinants of health and the personal health risk factors. In eight out of ten categories of well-being, including financial well-being (#5), social well-being (#7), purpose well-being (#6), physical well-being (#5), community well-being (#6), housing and transportation (#2), healthcare access (#1), and food access (#7), the state ranked in the top 10.  

Conversely, Mississippi performed poorly on all indicators of well-being except access to resources (where it ranked 17).   

A strong correlation exists between the best and worst states on the Community Well-Being Index and the 2020 U. S Announcement of the President-Elect's Victory

Nine of the best ten states for community well-being went to President Joe Biden in the November presidential election, while nine of the worst ten states went to former President Donald Trump during a tumultuous year when political fault lines drove the country apart over economic, social, and public health issues.   

Individual health risk factors are lower than average and social determinants of health are higher in the top nine states of Massachusetts, Hawaii, New Jersey, Maryland, New York, California, Connecticut, Washington, and Colorado. In addition to better physical health, residents of the top-ranked states report having more social support from friends and family, greater control over their financial situation, and lower stress levels, regardless of their income level.   

Although both physical and social health improve, financial security declines.

The state of U.S. neighborhoods will improve between 2019 and 2020. S held steady, rising from a score of 60 2 to 60 On a scale where 0 represents the worst possible state of being and 100 represents the best possible state of being, this person is at a level of happiness that ranks fifth.   

Community health as a whole remained stable because of people's ability to shrug off major personal health risks. In spite of incorporating mental health indicators, physical well-being improved dramatically throughout 2020. Community well-being was buffered by the upswing in Americans' social well-being and other indicators of personal health.  

Significantly, prosperity declined as a result of the economic difficulties triggered by the pandemic.   

Sharecare's senior vice president and head of the Community Well-Being Index, Elizabeth Colyer, said, "From coronavirus to civic unrest and the fight against systemic racism, 2020 tested our resolve, not only as a country but also as individuals." "While financial well-being declined, community well-being held steady with improvements such as physical and social well-being, the latest Index results generally demonstrate the resilience with which Americans responded to adversity." showing how factors outside of the body can positively affect health, such as the critical role that optimism and leadership play in how we assess our own health and happiness. ”  

Sharecare's Community Well-Being Index data for 2020 was analyzed for the first time, and the results "paint an initial picture of the well-being landscape amid one of the most difficult years in recent memory," as Dr. Biostatistics and Epidemiology Data Analytics Center Director at BUSPH, Kimberly Dukes In the future, researchers will be able to better understand how community well-being is distributed by discovering statistically significant trends in counties and MPOs. ”  

These findings are based on polls taken by Sharecare and BUSPH among 453,705 U. S In a 2020 study, researchers looked at over 600 different social factors that affect the health of the population. These findings are typical of those found across the country. Visit to read the full report and find out how the research was conducted.  

At the end of the summer, Sharecare and BUSPH will unveil the 2020 community well-being data for metro areas and counties, as well as a special analysis of community well-being outcomes for BIPOC communities.  

This is Sharecare's About Section

No matter where you are in your health journey, Sharecare can help you unify and manage all your health in one place. The goal of our all-inclusive, data-driven virtual health platform is to facilitate positive behavior change that improves the health of individuals, groups, organizations, and communities at large. Founded on the belief that "we are better together," Sharecare's mission is to improve the health of our community by making high-quality care more accessible and affordable for all. Check out if you're interested in learning more.  

What you need to know about the Boston University School of Public Health

Boston University's School of Public Health, which was established in 1976, is consistently ranked among the top five private schools of public health worldwide. In terms of public health education, it caters to those at the master's and doctoral levels. To better the health of populations, especially the disadvantaged, underserved, and vulnerable, locally and globally, the faculty of six departments at the school conducts policy-changing public health research around the world.   

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