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Looking to book a reservation for your next outdoor adventure? Look no further than Georgia State Parks! Our parks offer a wide range of accommodations to fit any budget or preference. Whether you're an outdoor enthusiast looking for a primitive campsite or a cozy cabin, or if you prefer hotel-style lodge rooms, Georgia State Parks has something for everyone.

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In line with the Georgia Smoke-free Act of 2005, we are proud to say that all enclosed state park and lodge facilities are smoke-free. Plus, we offer a rewards program where you can earn points toward free reservations. Simply sign up in park offices to start earning today.

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To make a reservation, simply select a park on our interactive map or call us at 1-800-864-7275. Site-specific camping reservations are now available, and we do not charge a separate cleaning fee. Rates typically range from $23 to $50 for regular campsites, to $250 for cottages or cabins, and to $100 for yurts.

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For more information on reservation policies or park rules and regulations, please visit our website. And be sure to check out our reservation tutorial on YouTube for a step-by-step guide. Start planning your next Georgia State Parks adventure today!

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Group Arrangements

Georgia’s State Parks welcome all sorts of gatherings, from weddings and reunions to picnics and retreats. Our guests relish the serene environment and diverse range of activities amidst picturesque landscapes. Additionally, we cater to every budget, with economical options like rustic camps and picnic shelters, and more upscale choices such as Smithgall Woods and Reynolds Mansion, immaculate for extravagant events.

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Parking Facilities

A ParkPass is mandatory for all vehicles. It is not included in the booking fee and needs to be purchased from the Visitor Center upon check-in. Guests staying overnight are charged a one-night parking fee for their entire stay. To purchase an Annual ParkPass, please visit any Georgia State Park office, or buy online here (allow 7-10 business days for shipping).

1-12 passenger vehicles: $5 per day or $50 annual ParkPass

13-30 passenger vehicles: $30 per day or annual ParkPass


31 or more passenger vehicles: per day or $250 annual ParkPass

Georgia active duty military/veterans: $3.75 per day or $37.50 annual ParkPass


No Additional Cleaning Charges

We do not levy an extra fee for cleaning event rooms, picnic shelters, cottages, yurts, and campsites, or any State Park amenities.

Select desired parkReservations with no cleaning fees

Lodge Parks

Lodge parks are managed by Coral Hospitality and North Georgia Mountain Authority (NGMA). For further information on parks, attractions, policies, and reservations, please visit their respective websites:

    Call us on 1800 864 7275Search by location

    About Online Booking

    Your pending reservations remain in the shopping cart for up to 20 minutes. After that, your booking will be annulled. You may reserve up to 13 months ahead. Reservation days start at Eastern Standard Time 8:00 am, not 12:00 am. Camping reservations can be made until 4 p.m. on the day of arrival. Reservations for other accommodations can be booked up to two days earlier (Call park for specifics). Online bookings are not permitted for multiple parks with the same date. Some facilities may not appear due to seasonality or renovations. Payments can be made with American Express, MasterCard, Discover, and VISA. Credit card statements will show up as Aspira One - GA DNR Parks.

    Make a ReservationNo cleaning feesView GA State Park Rewards

    Self-Check-In and Online Payment

    Guests with pending balances can pay them in advance through their online accounts or the new RA Camping app (available in the app store) or by calling the park offices.

    Once your balance is settled, you can use the self-check-in service. For cabin, yurt, or other secure facility check-ins, call the park office to receive further instructions. Alternatively, campers can reach out to the office or use the RA Camping app.

    RA Camping on Apple Store

    Thank you for choosing Georgia's State Parks!

    RA Camping App

    Download here.

    Discover the ultimate guide to Self Check-In Instructions (PDF) for hassle-free park entry by clicking the attached link.

    Make your trip to the state parks an experience of a lifetime by acquainting yourself with the Park Rules & Regulations and Reservation Policies, which are readily accessible through the provided links.

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    Don't let avoidable inconveniences ruin your adventure – secure your reservation by visiting the designated platform at

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