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For a fascinating piece of trivia to leave your friends impressed, reveal to them the US state that borders Africa. Surprisingly, this state is Maine, which is often associated with lobsters and lighthouses, not African geography. The east edge of Maine, which lies within Quoddy Head State Park, just outside the town of Lubec, is approximately 5,147 kilometres (3,198 miles) from Morocco, the North African nation.

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Meanwhile, Morocco's largest port city, Casablanca, is the closest major city to Quoddy Head State Park in Maine. To fully understand the distance between these locations, it's worth comparing the distance between Maine and other US locations. For example, the distance from Maine to California, if you were to expand your wings and fly, is approximately 4,306 kilometres (2,675 miles), while the distance to Florida is roughly 2,160 kilometres (1,342 miles).

West Quoddy Head Lighthouse in the State Park, Lubec, Maine Which US state is closest to Africa?

For further comparison, let's take a look at the mileage between different American cities. The distance between populous New York City and far-flung Anchorage, Alaska is around 5,410 kilometres (3,362 miles), while the distance between Los Angeles, California and Honolulu, Hawaii is closer at about 3,975 kilometres (2,470 miles).

Alternatively, the distance between Miami, Florida and San Francisco, California is only marginally shorter than the distance from Maine to Africa, at around 4,168 kilometres (2,590 miles). Lastly, travelling from Bangor, Maine to San Francisco, California diagonally across the United States would cover about 5,166 kilometres (3,210 miles).

While Africa remains a sizeable distance from the United States, the similarities in mileage between Maine, the closest state to Africa, and various US locations, are illuminating. Use these examples to understand this further: the distance between New York City and Dublin, Ireland is around 5,115 kilometres (3,178 miles), Los Angeles and Tokyo, Japan is about 8,816 kilometres (5,478 miles), and the gap between London, England and Boston, Massachusetts lands at approximately 5,264 kilometres (3,271 miles).

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Numerous voyagers journey between these cities every year, with a distance from the US to Africa that is comparable. Why not consider venturing out to this destination on your list of must-visit places?

Interested in exploring Morocco from Maine? The US Department of Commerce's data suggests that the number of travellers journeying between the two regions is relatively low. With just 1,000 people travelling from Maine to Morocco and 1,100 travelling from Morocco to Maine in 2019.

One reason for this could be that there are no direct flights. Travellers often must connect through other cities, like in the US, Canada, or Europe. That being said, the number of Americans visiting Morocco has been steadily rising over time. In 2019, Morocco welcomed 456,000 US visitors, the number increasing by 4% from the previous year.

The Mosuqe Hassan II in Casablanca, Morocco

Despite the low number of visitors travelling between Maine and Morocco, their increasing number shows that Americans are starting to understand the value of exploring Africa.

Visiting Morocco is absolutely worth it, with its dynamic markets, riveting architecture, including the well-known Kasbahs, and mouth-watering cuisine. It's a country with a rich history and vibrant colours.

You'll also find the country is home to some well-known and stunning cities, including Casablanca, Fez, and Marrakech, with each one offering its own blend of modernity and history. You'll love the fragrant spice stalls, the winding streets and ancient medinas.

Pathways through the Blue City, Chefaouen Morocco in 'Which US state is closest to Africa'

Morocco is home to numerous natural wonders like the Sahara Desert, beautiful beaches, and the Atlas Mountains. Each place provides breathtaking landscapes that allow for outdoor adventures, including downhill snow skiing in the Atlas Mountains.

Morocco has some must-see landmarks like the Hassan II Mosque in Casablanca, Chefchaouen's blue city, and the ancient Roman ruins in Volubilis. These Moroccan cities share cultural elements from Arabic, Berber, and European influences, making them distinct and fascinating to explore.

While Canada is far geographically from Africa, Newfoundland province and St. John's city are closest to Casablanca and Africa. Remarkably, the distance between them is roughly 3,932 kilometres (2,443 miles). Despite the proximity, direct flights between St. John's and African cities are still not available, due to the need to connect through other Canadian or European cities. Flight durations may span from 19 to 36 hours.

St John's : Casablanca

According to Statistics Canada, St. John’s witnesses relatively fewer journeys to African regions. In fact, in 2019, only 3,125 individuals ventured from St. John’s to Africa, while 3,005 people traveled from African countries to St. John’s. These numbers reveal that the bulk of travel activity between Canada and Africa is mostly concentrated around the major airport hubs of cities like Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver. As compared to Maine and Africa, the figures for St. John’s display no upward trend. Despite being the nearest Canadian metropolis to the African continent, St. John’s sees fewer visitors from that region than most other well-traveled routes.

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Maine is situated about 5,147 kilometers (3,198 miles) from Africa, which makes it the nearest US state to this massive continent. Despite the surprising nature of this fact, Maine's proximity to Africa is not much different than from Florida to California. By exploring the geographic layout of the world, one may discover several attractive vacation destinations that may have previously felt inaccessible. We hope you have a joyful trip.

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