Does Alaska's Size Relate to That of the Entire United States?

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Measurement of Alaska's Size It must be substantial if it has earned the name "The Last Frontier." Many people's mental images of Alaska include snowy mountains covered in glaciers, wide open spaces, more eagles than people, and bears lurking around every corner.

Is Alaska really that enormous, though? The size of Alaska may intrigue you, so find out more about it here. So, let's just jump in.

Simply put, how big is Alaska?  

The size of Texas is well-known by all. When was the last time you drove across that state? It appears to take several days. Therefore, a comparison between Texas and Alaska is appropriate.

The state of Texas dominates the U.S. S About 268,000 square miles in size, the contiguous states The state of Alaska is the largest in the United S With over 663,000 square miles, it is significantly larger than Texas.

It stretches for 1,420 miles north to south and 2,500 miles east to west. If you think it takes a long time to drive across Texas, try crossing Alaska. We haven't even talked about the roads yet!  

But before we talk about highways, we need to talk about shorelines. Perhaps the number of miles of Alaska's coastline would be more relevant than Alaska's total area. The state of Texas can help you reframe things.

There is a total of 367 miles of coastline in Texas. In terms of coastal area, that's a sizable tract. Or is it More than half of the United States' coastline (6,640 miles) is located in Alaska.

Though one of the largest in area, Alaska has one of the smallest populations. Statewide, there are only 732,000 people, making California the least populous of the 50 states. S the 48th least populous state

Can You Fit All 50 States Inside Alaska?  

Let's play a game to get a feel for the enormity of the Last Frontier by seeing how many states we can fit inside Alaska. It is one-fifth the size of the 48 contiguous states and nearly 500 times the size of Rhode Island.

Its size exceeds that of the next three largest states put together. States like Texas, California, and Montana fall into this category.

But if you were to flip the U S if you cut up the U.S. map like a puzzle, you'd find that Alaska has room for up to 19 of the states. It's not just the little ones, either. New York, Oklahoma, Florida, and Indiana are among those states.  

Who Lives Where in Alaska?

When there is so much open land in Alaska, where do most people choose to set up house? The city of Anchorage is the most populous in Alaska, with a population of nearly 300,000.

It boasts a population of over 200,000, a thriving cultural scene, and easy access to the wilderness across nearly 2,000 square miles.

Aside from Anchorage, Fairbanks is one of Alaska's most populous cities. Its high population density of 32,000 people on just 33 square miles is due to its relatively small size. Fairbanks is one of Alaska's most popular destinations because of its proximity to Denali National Park and its 70 sunny days during the summer.

With a population of around 32,000, Juneau is the third most populous city in Alaska after Anchorage and Fairbanks. Juneau has a much lower population density (12 people/sq. mile) than Fairbanks (3,200 people/sq. mile). It's a great place to go whale watching, visit the beach, or take a cruise.

A bear in an Alaska national park

I was wondering what percentage of Alaska is reachable by road.

Given the sparse population and vast landscape of the Last Frontier, it stands to reason that few areas are connected by paved roads. Whereas Texas has over 680,000 miles of public roads, there are only 14,000.  

Many rural residents may use the few forest roads that connect their neighborhoods to the surrounding forest for transportation. On the other hand, dog sleds, bush planes, boats, and snowmobiles could very well be their most-utilized modes of transportation.

More than 80% of cities and villages lack access to paved roads, so these alternatives are necessary.

Is It Difficult to Drive in Alaska?  

Alaskans living off the grid may be accustomed to walking, biking, and other forms of non-motorized transportation, but the vast majority of locals and tourists alike will get around the state via When it comes to driving, the roads aren't too difficult. The majority of Alaska's roads are paved and well-maintained, so driving there is no different than driving in any other state.  

However, as a motorist, you must take into account both the weather and the road surface.

Driving in Alaska shouldn't be any more difficult than driving in any other snow-covered state, such as Montana or Colorado, as long as you're prepared for the possibility of rain and snow on the major thoroughfares and know how to handle a vehicle in adverse weather conditions. A four-wheel drive vehicle is useful for venturing off the beaten path onto gravel and dirt roads.

Having the right gear and being well-prepared are essential when driving. This state's roads aren't impossible to navigate if you know what you're doing and have a suitable vehicle.

So, before we dive in, keep this in mind: is Alaska physically closer to Russia or the United States?

View of an Alaska national park

Is There Any Way to Get There Without Using Another Country's Borders?  

Avoid driving and entering Canada or Mexico from the United States if you don't want to. S , fortunately You can do this if you take the Alaska Marine Highway.

Take the ferry from Bellingham, Washington, to Skagway, Alaska. Unless you plan to leave the ship in Canada, Skagway, or Haines, Alaska, you can skip Customs and not bring a passport.

When would you say is the most ideal time to go?

Summer is the best time to travel to this state via ferry, plane, or the land bridge connecting Canada and Alaska.

Even though it's crowded, this is the best time of year to enjoy the state's best camping and outdoor recreation without having to worry about frostbite or subzero temperatures.  

This huge state is best explored in the summer and winter, but spring and fall are also great. The temperature is still in the 50s, but the crowds have dispersed and the summer mosquitoes have moved on.  

Remember that Alaska is renowned for its beautiful national parks. Everything You Need to Know About Alaska's National Parks Before You Go

View of an Alaska national park

You can now begin your trip planning and learn how vast Alaska truly is.

Your Alaska vacation needs to be as massive as Alaska itself. It's likely to be jam-packed with exciting excursions, outdoor events, and cultural explorations.

First and foremost, though, you'll have lots of room to spread out. Get out there and see how big of a state it really is by making travel plans right away.

What would be the highlight of your perfect vacation in Alaska?

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