Experience Endless Fun at North Alabama's Latest Water Park: WildWater Cullman

Get ready for an ultimate summer experience at WildWater Cullman 🌊 (WildWater Cullman / Visit their website)! If you're looking for a new and exciting way to beat the heat in North Alabama, look no further than this newly launched, 12-acre water park in Cullman. Keep reading to discover what WildWater Cullman is all about.

Cullman Water Park

Unleash the Fun at WildWater Cullman 🌊

A glimpse into what WildWater Cullman has to offer. (WildWater Cullman / Visit their website) As reported by Good Day Living AL, WildWater Cullman officially opened its doors on June 17, 2022. While this new water park has been part of the Cullman Wellness and Aquatic Center for some time, it has now undergone a major expansion.

Wildwater Cullman Bird'S Eye View

Thrill-seekers, families, and everyone in between will find something to love at WildWater Cullman. The park boasts an array of attractions that cater to all ages, from fast and wild rides to more serene and laid-back experiences. And when it's time to refuel, there are plenty of dining and drinking options to choose from.

WildWater Cullman owes its existence in part to the hard work of the Cullman Parks, Recreation, and Sports team.

"Our community members and business leaders have been vocal about the need for more recreational activities in our area, both outdoors and indoors. In response, we have been working to update our existing parks and facilities and expand WildWater into a regional water park destination. We've also installed the state's largest inflatable aqua park at Palomino RV Resort, begun construction on a premium skate park in our downtown, and planned a 130,000 square-foot indoor Sports and Events Complex set to open in 2024," says Nathan Anderson, Executive Director of Cullman Parks, Recreation, and Sports Tourism.

Experience the Best at WildWater Cullman πŸ–οΈ

Exciting Attractions 🀩

Which ride will you try first? (WildWater Cullman / Visit their website)The Torque: A high-speed slide that will give you an adrenaline rush. Rally Racer: A thrilling ride where you'll race to the bottom. Blue Hurricane: A unique slide with lots of twists and turns. Splash Station: An area designed for children under 54β€³. Riptide: A 22,000 square-foot wave pool that will make you feel like you're at the beach. And much more, including cabanas and funbrellas!

Wildwater Cullman IceeWildwater Cullman Rides

Food and Drinks 🍹

What's your go-to drink for summer? (WildWater Cullman / Visit their Facebook page)Oasis Bistro: A place to savor lunch and dinner, with menu options such as burgers, chicken tenders, sandwiches, nachos, and more. The Gully: A stop for quick snacks and drinks. Iceberg: A vintage Airstream serving frozen treats like shaved ice and frozen sodas. Breakers: A 21+ patio serving alcoholic beverages.

"We take pride in providing a safe, clean, and fun environment for families to spend time together and make memories. WildWater Cullman is already attracting visitors from neighboring counties and states, many of whom are discovering the beauty of our area for the first time. This water park will have a lasting positive impact on businesses in our region," says Anderson.

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