Experience the Finest Breweries in Oregon in 2023: Our Top Picks


    Oregon is home to some of the best breweries in America, with over 302 breweries operating between coastal and highland areas. Although Portland beer may be the most popular craft beer in the country, the whole of Oregon offers perfectly crafted brews worth stopping by. In this article, we present a list of the best breweries to visit in Oregon.

    De Garde Brewing, Tillamook:

      Located along the coast, De Garde Brewing is the perfect brewery that offers both traditional and classic palates of brews with exquisite flavors. Unlike many other breweries, De Garde doesn't use any laboratory yeast, but instead, uses the cool ship method to ferment beer in oak barrels for years. The microbrewery has a taproom you can visit, and you can buy bottles of your favorite beers on the way out. The particular beers we have always liked are Nectarnine Premiere, a citrusy farmhouse ale, and The Peach, one of the wild ales.

      Ale Apothecary, Bend:

        Ale Apothecary sets itself apart from other breweries in Bend as it offers brews that are 100% free from industrial and artificial ingredients and processes needed to form a single batch of ale. Using soft water from the lands of Oregon and yeast from the woods nearby, the whole brewing process is organic; even the carbonation is done with honey and fruit extracts found in Oregon. The brewery nestled at the foot of mountains in Oregon has the best taproom that offers various sours and wild ales. The Be Still beer is a roasted barley, and biscuit malts brew that has been reviewed as the finest of the beers by The Ale Apothecary.

        Double Mountain Brewery and Cidery, Hood River:

          Double Mountain Brewery and Cidery produce seasonal beers, traditional options of beers, and krieks. The craft beers include IPAs, light ales, and hardcore beers as well. The best-selling beer by Double Mountain Brewery is Bullwheel IPA; it has a mixture of flavors like pineapple, citrus, and evergreen, which should taste bitter but doesn’t. The brewery is located in Hood River, which is the only city in Oregon where you can drink a craft beer out of the brewery like in a park or anywhere you want, like strolling with friends in the streets of Hood River.

          Boneyard Beer Company, Bend:

            Boneyard Beer Company started in 2010 in an old auto shop in Bend. Since the success of Boneyard’s first 20-barrel system, it has grown and now has a 15000-barrel system. The motto of the Boneyard Pub and Brewery is to produce brews that are beneficial to consumers. One of the exciting products produced by the brewery is its “Boneyard Elixir.” It is a CBD brew brewed with local raw materials, including mountain water from the Cascade mountains and hemp extracts. The other brews produced are made with American wheat. The sweet taste of beer and the aesthetic light gold hues make a single glass attractive.

            Barley Brown Brew Pub, Baker City:

              Barley Brown Brew Pub is a go-to place for beer and food, located in a valley surrounded by the incredible mountains of the Wallowa and the Elkhorn. The most preferred brew by Barley brown brew pub is Cerveza Negra Caliente, which is a homemade brew that comforts clients in the chilly weather. The locals call this homemade "Hot Black Beer." Since it is also a restaurant, the food must complement the beers crafted. The locals love their nachos, which are worth the visit as you trek on the hills of Baker’s City. The brewery is a perfect getaway from city life.

              Wolves and People Farmhouse Brewery, Newberg:

                Wolves and People Farmhouse Brewery is a microbrewery and restaurant located twenty-some miles away from Portland. There is even a beer garden where one can soak in the view of the Willamette Valley. Their farm brews chocolate beers and IPAs that are quite famous for their unique recipes. The chocolate beer has a mixed aroma of chocolate, hazelnut, and sugar. The next on the small menu list is Honeycone, a fruity hopped honey IPA. The restaurant also offers a versatile menu to go with the drinks.


                  Oregon has an impressive selection of breweries that offer perfect beer crafted to satisfy the taste buds of every beer enthusiast. This curated list made it easier to pick from the best breweries to visit in Oregon and appreciate the vast array of organic and natural brews each of them has to offer.

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