Here Are America's Least Interesting States, Ranked

Summary of Research on the Most Boring U.S. States Idaho, with its high rate of marriage (55%) and low population density (7th lowest in the country), tops the list as the nation's most uninteresting state.

74.3% of Most boring states

Summary of Studies on the States With the Least Interest
  • The least exciting of the 50 S Idaho, with its low population density and high percentage of married residents (55%)

  • With only 3% of Americans interested in visiting the state, North Dakota is the least popular destination in the United States. 2.5%, with only 15% of U.S. residents having ever set foot there

  • Lubbock, Texas, is the most uninteresting city in the United States due to its low rankings in both arts and music per capita and its limited food options.

Some locations seem to always be bustling with activity, whether it's beachside revelry or late-night drinking at a bar.

The states we'll be discussing today, the most boring in America, don't have any of those things.

Those are the states where your grandfather will sound right at home reminiscing about the simpler, better times of his youth.

And lest you think we're trying to be insulting, We'd like to assure you that we'd be happy to uproot and relocate to Idaho, the most boring state in the union, if only so that we can spend all day engaged in data analysis without being interrupted by your annoying children.

Only if our partners would give us permission to

Without further ado, then, here is a rundown of the most uninteresting U.S. states:

As we've already established, Idaho is the most uninteresting place in the United States. And it turns out that most of the state is made up of married, potato-loving families

Don't take our word on that last bit, but keep reading to find out how we came up with the top ten and what factors we used.

An Analysis of the Least Interesting US States

If you want to know what's dull, who better to ask than a group of data nerds who await each new Bureau of Labor Statistics report with bated breath?

With that in mind, we quickly realized that the fact that we are constantly being called "old married people with kids in the 'burbs" (for example, "I'm an 80-year-old grandpa stuck in a 31-year-old's body") was the easiest clue to what made us so uninteresting to our coworkers.

Next, we looked for the following tedious criteria that correspond to the aforementioned adjectives in our second-favorite data set, the most recent American Community Survey data from the Census Bureau covering the years 2012-2016:

  • What percentage of the population is 60 or older (higher is less interesting)

  • The percentage of people over the age of 15 who are married (a high value is boring).

  • The percentage of homes that contain children (more kids = less excitement)

  • Density of inhabitants (a smaller number is boring)

Are you still with us, or have we already bored you to death?

If you're still reading, we ranked every state from 1 (the least interesting) to 50 (the most interesting) across all four criteria after we compiled all the information we could find. Then, we took an average of these four ratings to determine who was deemed the most boring.

Whenever there were ties, they were given to the smaller country.

It's nice when facts back up your assumptions, and it turns out that Idaho is, statistically speaking, the dullest state in America.

1. Idaho

Idaho|Id, ID

User of Wikipedia | CC BY-SA 3.0 0

With a total of 1,635,483 people, the population is at an all-time high.

You can find articles that elaborate on the stereotypes about Idahoans, such as how they eat nothing but meat and potatoes, and how State Senators all live in trailer parks, simply by doing a Google search. Typical, mundane things

According to our research, Idaho has the second highest percentage of married people (behind only Utah... but more on that later) and the seventh highest density and seventh highest percentage of households with children.

You now know the secret of Idaho's rural populace's excitement.

South Dakota, No. 2

South-Dakota|Sd, SD

Originally posted on Wikipedia by User: | CC BY-SA 3 0

Currently, there are 851 058 people living in this area.

I knew two things about South Dakota before beginning to write this article: (1) it is home to Mount Rushmore, and (2) it is located to the south of North Dakota.

To be honest, after researching and writing this piece, I feel like I know just about everything there is to know about South Dakota.

Sure, it's dull (unless you're into the rough and ready way of life prevalent in the Badlands). When that happens, it's not quite as dull.

Nebraska, No. 3

Nebraska|Ne, NE

Originally posted on Wikipedia by User: | CC BY-SA 4 0

There are a total of 1,881,259 people in the world.

Think of Nebraska as a slightly more exciting version of Idaho; the same factors brought it here.

In Nebraska, a bowl of chili with a cinnamon roll on the side brings out the craziest in people. What could be more typically Midwestern than that?

Just so you know, I would give it a shot.

4. Wyoming

Wyoming|Wy, WY

Article shared under CC BY-SA 3.0 from: User of Wikipedia 0

Estimated Total Population: 583,029

Wyoming is the second least populous state in the United States, behind only the vast tundra of ice that is Alaska, and it has absolutely nothing to offer its inhabitants.

Wyoming has the third-highest wedding rate in the country, and there are plenty of cowboys, so I'm using the term literally to mean figuratively.

However, boredom is inevitable when traveling time is calculated in hours rather than miles.

5. Kansas

Kansas|Ks, KS

Credit: Contributor to Wikipedia | CC BY-SA 3.0 0

2,898,292 people live there.

A mental map of the United States leads me to believe that the more rectangular a state is, the less interesting it must be. An illustration of this would be the state of Kansas, which is a boring rectangle with four dull corners.

I would read the statistics, but they bore me; every state in the Midwest is the same dull brown.

Instead, let's chat about what's really happening in Kansas: the barbecue. Yes please

6. Iowa

Iowa|Ia, IA

Reference: GFDL User from Wikipedia

Humans number 3,106,589

This first tweak to the data on why a state should make the top ten is a doozy. Although there are a lot of married people with children in Iowa, the state is far from being boring because of this.

No, Iowa is dull because... wait for it... it's ancient

It's older than most of the top ten, but not as old as the residents of Florida (the state with the oldest population in the United States, in case you were wondering).

7. Utah

Utah|Ut, UT

Author: a user on Wikipedia | CC BY-SA 2 0

2,948,427 people live there.

In our list of the ten most boring states in America, Utah stands out like a sore thumb. The state's placement in the top ten is due not to its physical appearance (it's essentially a box with a chimney) but to the factors discussed below.

It has been determined that Utah has the lowest percentage of Americans aged 60 and up.


It also boasts the highest rates of marriage and child-bearing among American states.

Considering the number of families with children, the gap between first-place Utah and second-place Texas is the same as the gap between Texas and twenty-first-place Wyoming.

How many people spend their weekends doing nothing but visiting galleries and temples?

8. Montana

Montana|Mt, MT

Author: a user on Wikipedia | CC BY-SA 3.0 0

With a total of 1,023,391 people, the population is at its highest.

Despite my enthusiasm for penning the Utah paragraph, my enthusiasm for writing about Montana was nil.

People in Montana tend to be on the geriatric side. The equivalent of the elderly population of Florida, plus boredom.

Like relocating Florida to the Midwest and providing each resident with a ranch in place of a high-rise apartment overlooking the ocean.

Nine, Minnesota

Minnesota|Mn, MN

Author: a user of Wikipedia | CC BY-SA 4 0

Number of Residents: 5,450,868

A medical proverb states that if a scan of the brain, for instance, turns up normal, that's a good sign.

The results of our dull test in Minnesota were unremarkable. Thinking about that for even a second reveals how impressive it is.

For each evaluation factor, the North Star State was just a tad more boring than average, but it didn't really stand out.

10. Maine

Maine|Me, ME

From: a Wikipedia user under the terms of CC BY-SA 3.0 0

1 329 923 people live there.

On our tour of the most uninteresting states in the United States, we have finally reached the coast.

Even though we're in a coastal state, it's not the kind of place you'd regularly hear about in the media.

Maine has the second-lowest percentage of households with children and the second-highest percentage of residents aged 60 and older.

Now when I think of Maine, I picture a bunch of lobster-eating retirees in log cabins.

Slowing down after that incredibly riveting state list

All right, we hope you enjoyed perusing our ranking of the most uninteresting states in the United States.

That seems like it shouldn't be possible.

Here's to ending the debate about which state has the dullest residents by curling up with a good book at bedtime with the kids.

State-by-state analysis of America's most tedious locations

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