Here Are The Top 10 Most Haunted States In The USA (Some Of These Are Truly Terrifying).

Do you enjoy a good ghost story or haunted house?, in time for the 2020 Halloween season, has released a chilling report on the most haunted states in the United States. (If you want to see the most up-to-date list of America's scariest and most haunted places in 2021, then you should

Do you enjoy a good ghost story or haunted house?, in time for the 2020 Halloween season, has released a chilling report on the most haunted states in the United States. (If you want to see the most up-to-date list of America's scariest and most haunted places in 2021, then you should read "America's Most Haunted Houses and Scariest Places: Survey Ranks Spookiest States.")

The 2020 list, compiled using data from Ghosts of America, ranks the states with the most terrifying hauntings and other supernatural occurrences. Texas tops the charts. The Lone Star State was recently named the most haunted in America, and it's probably because everything in Texas is bigger, including the ghost sightings. In fact, its residents have witnessed a whopping 6,845 paranormal activities since 2005 With 6,444 reports, California ranks second on the list that goes back to 2005. With 2,555 reports, Ohio ranks third.

The most haunted states in the United States have been ranked. You should probably go back to sleep. [ ] covers


What, then, are the characteristics of a truly haunted location? The Psychic Medium Sisters explain to SlotSource that players may experience "unexplained shadows or movements in the side-vision of your eyes, or soft whispers of a conversation near you and no one is there." Feelings of coldness, unease, or surveillance are additional red flags.

If ghosts aren't your thing, then why bother with them? If you're looking for the least apparitions in the United States, look no further than Delaware.

In this article, we will examine the ten states with the most terrifying attractions. The following contains spoilers; if you want to avoid worrying about anything tonight, do not continue reading.

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San Antonio, Texas, home to The Alamo and rumored to be the most haunted place in the Lone Star State, is depicted here in monochrome.


The state of Texas is the most haunted in the United States, according to many sources. Remember, you're in Texas, where the Texas Chain Saw Massacre was filmed and where you can visit places like Marfa. Known for its hip art scene and the mysterious Marfa Lights, this dusty outpost is located in the middle of nowhere to the west. In the nineteenth century, people began reporting sightings of strange, colorful, luminous orbs in the sky.

Scary Place: Don't Forget the Alamo Appears the dead do as well It's no surprise that San Antonio is rumored to be the most haunted city in Texas, given that it was the site of one of the bloodiest battles in American history. Take a walking tour of the city with Ghost City Tours, or stay at the haunted Emily Morgan Hotel. The property, which was once a morgue and psychiatric hospital, is now infamous for its ghost sightings.

A Texas senator's 4-year-old daughter died tragically after falling down the hotel's grand staircase, and the hotel's builder, who loved the place so much he never wanted to leave, is also said to haunt the Driskill Hotel in Austin.

In the United States, Los Angeles is among the most haunted locations.


The state of California comes in at number two on the list of most haunted states, and locations within the Golden State, such as Fort Humboldt State Historic Park in Eureka, are renowned for alleged paranormal activity and celebrity sightings. Hikers claim to have seen the apparition of a dead commander peering out of the hospital windows at them.

Paranormal Activity: You could call "The City of Angels" "The City of Ghosts" The Hotel Roosevelt in Hollywood, where Marilyn Monroe and actor Montgomery Cliff once stayed, is one of Los Angeles' most haunted locations.

The Queen Mary, once a luxury ocean liner, is now a hotel in Long Beach, California, and is renowned for being the most haunted hotel in the world. The ship originally set sail in the 1930s. The hotel welcomes guests to explore their fearful side with ghost tours. Since Stateroom B340 has been the site of numerous terrifying incidents, the door has been locked for several years.

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Ohio State Reformatory in Mansfield: just as eerie as it was back in 1911. (Ullstein Photo) [ ] image credit: bild/ullstein bild/Getty Images)

Getty Images/Ullstein Bild

Third on the list is Ohio, a state replete with rumors of the supernatural. Some say something lurks behind the curtains at the Twin City Opera House in McConnelsville, while at the Ohio State Reformatory in Mansfield, regular ghost hunts are held.

Waynesville has been called the most haunted town in Ohio, and it's easy to see why. If you're interested, Ghostly History Walking Tours are offered by The Museum at the Friends Home.

Newbury's Punderson Manor, voted most haunted hotel, was once a 19th-century estate and a girls' camp. The hotel's updated Tudor-style mansion and rustic cabins on the surrounding hillside create an inviting atmosphere. However, psychic mediums and paranormal investigators frequently visit to study the place's eerie history and report on their findings.

The coast of Michigan is home to several haunted lighthouses, including the famous Presque Isle Lighthouse. [ ] Reports of a lighthouse keeper and his wife haunting Lake Huron have gained widespread attention.


Fourth on the list is Michigan, home to numerous haunted landmarks such as the Michigan Central Station in Detroit (a real haunted building that hosts an annual spooktacular event) and a number of haunted lighthouses.

Destination Spooky: South Manitou Island, a part of the Lake Michigan island chain, is known for its beautiful dunes and eerie tales of sailors who were buried alive and are said to still haunt the area.

The Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island is rumored to be haunted and features the longest front porch in the world. Be on the lookout for the top-hatted man who frequently plays the piano in the bar and the Victorian-dressed woman who has been known to sneak into guests' beds.

Chicago's Congress Plaza—the most haunted hotel in the city This image was provided by Education Images/Universal [ ] Getty Images (Images Group)

By way of Getty Images/Universal Images Group

Illinois came in at number five on the list because the Prairie State has had its fair share of strange and unexplained phenomena.

Have you ever been on a road trip and felt a chill down your spine? Take a trip down memory lane with a ghostly road trip From the eerie Cahokia Mounds south of Springfield to the Bloods Point Cemetery in Rockford, this is a route for the truly courageous.

The Congress Plaza Hotel in Chicago is rumored to be the most haunted hotel in the world, with infamous gangster Al Capone as a resident ghost. Members of staff frequently recount seeing a young boy, aged six, whose mother threw him from a 12th-story window. Furthermore, a female ghost kicks sleeping guests in Room 441.

View of Bloomington, Indiana, and the prestigious Indiana University campus, where many famous people are said to have studied. [ ] eerie locales


In addition to corn and basketball, Indiana is also famous for its ghosts.

Haunted Location: Scared of Ghosts Indiana University, located in Bloomington, is a place you should probably avoid. Baby crying has been reported in the Career Center, and a phantom dog has been seen in the Indiana Memorial Union; these are just two examples of the many paranormal occurrences on campus.

Spas, Golf Courses, and the Most Haunted Hotel in the World and ghosts The French Lick Springs Hotel is a haunted resort where the original owner, Thomas Taggart, can be seen and heard enjoying the hotel's mineral springs and throwing parties in the hotel's empty ballroom. Housekeepers discover the body of a jilted bride in the bathroom's bathtub.

Philadelphia's historic Eastern State Penitentiary, built in the 19th century and now showing signs of decay. [ ] Horror tales


Seventh, the Keystone State: "Paranormal Pennsylvania" could be an appropriate moniker. The Hell's Hollow Wildlife Adventure Trail is just as terrifying as its name suggests, and Eastern State Penitentiary celebrates the institution's checkered past with day and (for the really daring) night tours.

Gettysburg, the site of a bloody Civil War battle in which more than 50,000 men lost their lives, is widely considered to be one of the most haunted places in Pennsylvania, if not the entire country. Take one of the Ghostly Images of Gettysburg Ghost Tours and hear tales of the spirits who remain. Alternatively, you could stay at the Gettysburg Hotel, where a Confederate nurse prowls the halls.

Guests at the Logan Inn, located in the historic district of New Hope, have been getting the creeps since 1722. The most unsettling of the rooms is 6, where the scent of lavender perfume from the mother of a former owner lingers and you can sometimes hear children sobbing.

The town of Guthrie, Oklahoma, has a reputation for being haunted.


Eighth, Oklahoma is home to haunted military bases, Big Foot, and Zozo, the demon.

One of Oklahoma's oldest settlements, Guthrie, is also rumored to be its most haunted. From the Stone Lion Inn, where the ghost of a little girl lingers, to the Blue Bell, a former bordello where the former madame and some of her clients still make themselves known, there are at least eight haunted locations.

The Skirvin Hilton Hotel, the oldest in Oklahoma City, is also the most haunted. The ghosts of former guests are blamed for the defeats of professional basketball teams like the New York Knicks and the Chicago Bulls.

Scary New York isn't just about the Headless Horseman anymore. This picture is courtesy of the FOX Image Collection. [ ] from Getty Images)

From Getty Images' FOX Image Collection

In the ninth place, New York is synonymous with the word "haunted" because of the legend of the Headless Horseman, who was said to have wandered the Hudson Valley looking for his severed head. However, that was completely fictitious. New York State is home to a plethora of authentic ghosts waiting to be discovered.

Scary Place: New York, and particularly Manhattan, is full of specters. Some people who visit the Morris-Jumel Mansion in Washington Heights claim to have experienced paranormal activity there. Mark Twain's supernatural experiences were documented during his time at the House of Death, located at 14 West 10th Street. Twain and twenty-one other spirits are said to haunt the building even today.

Most Haunted Hotel: The Sagamore Hotel on Lake George has been a popular resort since it first opened in 1883, so it's no surprise that the spirits of guests past remain. These include a silver-haired woman in a polka-dot dress and phantom children who have been seen playing golf.

One of the supposedly haunted streets of Colonial Williamsburg


State Number Ten: Virginia Because of its long and storied history, it's no surprise that Virginia also has a haunted present.

Colonial Williamsburg is where you can learn about American history while also meeting some fascinating ghosts. Lady Ann Skipwith, who committed suicide after fracturing her heel, is among the most infamous. It's become commonplace for visitors to the George Wythe House to hear the sound of a heel striking a stairwell.

The Black Horse Inn, now one of the most opulent hotels in Hunt Country, was once a hospital for Union soldiers injured in the Civil War. Reports from guests at the hotel as recently as today include sightings of a laughing nurse and a group of wounded soldiers.


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