In how many states does Mexico have a land border?

It's perhaps not surprising that, given that Mexico is the United States' southern neighbor, it also contains a sizeable U.S. S neighborsing states Indeed, as of 2018 (source: Business Insider), 41 separate states share a land border with Mexico. What about the other 49 states, though? It's hard to tell from the map, but how many of those don't touch Mexico' Any time someone brings up a state's proximity to Mexico or Canada (each of which has its own set of bordering states) these are some of the questions that may come to mind. If you want to know how many Americans there are, read on. S How many states don't have a common border with Mexico and its northern neighbor Canada?

I was wondering how many states border Mexico.

U.S. states of Texas, California, and New Mexico all border Mexico. Six Mexican states, including Baja California Norte and Sur, Sonora, Chihuahua, Coahuila de Zaragoza, and Nuevo León, border the United States.

Where Exactly Are The Borders Between Texas, California, And New Mexico?

  1. Texas: Texas shares a border with Mexico but none with Canada. Its northern border is shared with New Mexico, the only U.S. state that borders both Mexico and Canada.
  2. The Golden State: California shares no borders with either Mexico or Canada
  3. New Mexico: New Mexico has no land borders with Mexico or Colorado, but it does share a northern border with Texas and Canada.
  4. As for Colorado, it shares a border with Mexico but not Canada.
  5. The state of Arizona is located in North America and shares a southern border with Mexico.
  6. Although it has a common border with Mexico to the south, Nevada has no other international borders.
  7. Utah: Utah has a single international border, with Canada to the west.
  8. Aside from its northern border with Canada, Wyoming has no other international borders.

How did the United States and Mexico come to share a border?

The U S have a common border with Mexico

More than 2,000 miles of land separate the United States from Mexico. The Rio Grande, formerly a U.S. S border with Mexico in 1848, the year Texas became a state in the union According to Business Insider, the river is known as the Border River in Texas, another name it goes by. People who aren't familiar with both countries' names for the river or their respective border states may have trouble making this distinction.

During the Mexican-American War, it was established.

From PBS Learning Media, a summary of the events of the time: "The 1846-48 war between the United States and Mexico began when American settlers revolted against Mexican rule in Texas and California." On February 2, 1848, in Mexico City, the war officially ended with the signing of the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo. As a result of the treaty, World War II was over and the United Nations was created. S This is the current state of the U.S.-Mexico border. ”

The separation of California from the United States and the annexation of Texas both contributed to the outbreak of the Mexican-American War.

According to PBS Learning Media, after Texas was annexed by the United States in 1845, it was granted independence from Mexico in 1836. Some Texans, however, were not satisfied with this outcome; after achieving independence from Spain, the state of Texas gained a large portion of territory from Mexico. In 1846, Texas broke away from the United States and established the Republic of Texas, whose president was elected president. There were some Americans who were against Mexican rule in Texas because they didn't want a second nation on American soil (which is36). When the United States admitted California as a state in 1849, it was the same year that the state declared its independence from Mexico. The United States and Mexico went to war so that Texas could be annexed and California could join the Union as a state.

Most of what is now the state of Texas belonged to Mexico at the time.

As part of President Zachary Taylor's campaign to annex all land north of the Rio Grande River, American troops annexed the rest of what is now called Texas by force in 1848. As a result, the area that is now the state of Texas remained a part of the United States rather than falling under Mexico's control after the war ended.

What Difficulties Do Border Countries Have To Face?

1. Illicit Drug Trade

The states along America's southern border aren't the only ones impacted by the drug trade. S not only endangers their health and economy According to Business Insider: "In 2015, more than half of all heroin seized in the U.S. S according to the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), originated in Mexico. This means that Canada is also a major transit point for drugs entering the United States and specifically California.

To a Second Degree: 2. Immigration

Though illegal immigration has been a problem at the United States' southern border for quite some time, S illegal immigration (people entering a country without permission and without following proper procedures to gain residency or citizenship) and drug trafficking (and other related issues) have made this an increasingly pressing problem in recent years. And since 2010, when over 400,000 people were detained at the southern border, that number has quadrupled, as reported by The New York Times. ”

3. Poverty

Many border states, especially those in the south, have a serious poverty problem. The New York Times claims that Texas has a higher poverty rate than the rest of the country. This is almost twice the national average in the states of Arizona and California. Also significantly higher than the national average are the border states of New Mexico and Nevada. This means that poverty and related problems are significantly worse in these states than they are nationwide.

4. Crime

In addition, crime is widespread along the entire U S The drug trade and illegal immigration into both countries through the U.S. and Mexico's porous borders with Canada and Mexico border states have much higher poverty and crime rates than other states, and this article has discussed these and other related issues throughout. the crime rate in the southern border region is nearly three times the national average. Half of the region's kids are poor, and that's a huge problem. That's why things like drug trafficking and illegal immigration have a major impact on the lives of so many people in these states.


You can clearly see that four different states in the USA have a common border with Mexico. The states in question are: California, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas Check out all the fantastic sights Mexico has to offer if you happen to call one of these states home or are planning a trip there soon.

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