Learn about the top ten windiest states in the United States.

↓ Check Out This Incredible Video by Reading on! A lot of the United States has a lot less wind than other places. The Great Lakes create lake breezes, which are more common on sunny days and result in a significant temperature difference between the water and the land, which helps explain why

Check Out This Incredible Video by Reading on!

A lot of the United States has a lot less wind than other places. The Great Lakes create lake breezes, which are more common on sunny days and result in a significant temperature difference between the water and the land, which helps explain why Chicago is known as the "windy city." In the warmer months, this area will be cooled by the lake breezes. In spite of Chicago's nickname, "windy city," Illinois is not the windiest state in America. In that case, which US states might have the highest average wind speed?

The map depicts the 10 states with the highest mean annual wind speeds.

A state's reported mile per hour of wind, along with its average power density, is used to determine its place in a ranking of states for highest wind generation. The Southeast is the least windy region of the United States, while the West and Great Plains have some of the highest average wind speeds. In the following, we will identify and discuss the top ten windiest states in the USA.

Learn about the top 10 windiest states in the USA.

Hawaii - #10, 19 9 mph

Peʻepeʻe Falls Hawaii The state of Hawaii receives the most rain of any in the United S

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In addition to being the state with the most rain, Hawaii also has some of the fastest-moving winds in the country. Wind speeds in Hawaii average 19 It has an average wind speed of 9.0 mph, making it the tenth windiest state in the United States.  

The winter months see an increase in the frequency of the north-to-east trade winds that affect the Hawaiian Islands. Rainfall is concentrated in the islands' mountainous and windward regions due to the northerly winds that blow there. It is possible for trade winds to weaken or even switch directions, leading to oppressive heat and humidity.

The localized nature of Hawaii's climate is one of its greatest assets. You could be in the middle of a thunderstorm one minute and basking in the sun the next as you make your way across the island. Hawaii's rainbow-filled mist valleys, misty highlands, sunny beaches, and lush mountains are all able to show off their beauty because of the state's wildly varying climate.


9 - 20 Colorado 0 mph 

Colorado National Monument Colorado is known as one of the windiest states in America.

Jeremy Janus/Shutterstock com

Due to its isolation from the ocean and other large bodies of water, the state of Colorado experiences a dry climate. Nonetheless, the state has an average wind speed of 20 miles per hour, so the low rainfall isn't at all offset by the breeze. Velocity of 0 MPH Denver has extremely warm summers, extremely cold and snowy winters, and consistently cloudy weather throughout the year.  

In the summer, Denver often sees temperatures 10 to 15 degrees higher than neighboring mountain towns and even Colorado Springs. The Front Range of Colorado's Rocky Mountains experiences stronger-than-usual winds during the spring. This is due to the fact that the local wind is influenced by both temperature and topography.

8th Place: Oklahoma; 20 Points: 2 mph

Eufaula Lake Oklahoma Usually around 20 miles per hour, the wind can At 2 mph, Oklahoma is one of the 10 windiest states in the United States.

©JohnDSmith/Shutterstock com

The entire state of Oklahoma is located within the Mississippi River's drainage area. Usually around 20 miles per hour, the wind can In the top 10 windiest cities in the United States, Oklahoma ranks at a breezy 2 mph. However, it holds the record for the fastest wind speed ever measured on Earth. The 1999 Bridge Creek, Oklahoma tornado was the fastest on record. With peak wind speeds of 302 mph, this F5 tornado is the world's strongest ever recorded. It traveled 38 miles in 85 minutes. A total of 36 people lost their lives, and dozens of houses were destroyed.

Severe weather threats in the spring include squall lines, heat bursts, thunderstorms with damaging winds, huge hail, damaging winds, and tornadoes.

Seventh Place: Wisconsin, 20 2 mph

Sunset on Lake Winnebago Wisconsin It's common knowledge that the average wind speed in Wisconsin is 20 a speed of 2 mph

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Wisconsin's winds, which average 20 miles per hour, are relatively close to those of Oklahoma. In a brisk 2 mph Wisconsin experiences typical hot and humid summers and cold, snowy winters due to its standard continental humid climate. Northern parts of the state, especially near the Great Lakes, tend to have harsher winters than their southern counterparts. High winds are a statewide phenomenon this year. One possible explanation for the increase in average wind speed is the position of the jet stream. In the winter, as the poles cool, a region of strong winds moves southward and closer to the equator.

South Dakota - #6 - 20 3 mph

Best Parks to Visit in July - Badlands National Park Several studies have ranked South Dakota as the sixth windiest state in the USA.

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With an average wind speed of 20 miles per hour, South Dakota has earned its place on this list. Three miles per hour at 328 feet above sea level and twelve At 33 feet above sea level, the wind speed was 8. Several studies have ranked South Dakota as the sixth windiest state in the country. Wind energy experts agree that South Dakota has a lot of untapped potential. Climate-wise, the state is continental, with the cold, dry winters and warm, semi-humid summers typical of those regions. Twenty-three inches of rain fall each year, with precipitation falling on 80 percent of the days in the state.

Five, Nebraska: Twenty 5 mph

Scottsbluff National Monument Average wind speeds in Nebraska are 20 5 mph


A wind speed of 20 knots is typical. With a potential wind power output of seventh in the US, Nebraska has a wind speed of 5. In the spring and summer, Nebraskans can expect to see frequent thunderstorms due to the proximity of Tornado Alley. Tornadoes and severe thunderstorms occur most frequently during spring and summer. But they can also occur in the fall. The topography of the state is to blame for the severity of its winds. Nebraska has a lot of open land and valleys where the wind can blow freely, unlike other parts of the country where the terrain is more varied and thus slows down the wind.  

4.Montana, a score of 20 5 mph

Glacier National Park Montana is consistently ranked as one of the nation's chilliest states.

©VIKVAD/Shutterstock com

Montana is one of the coldest states in the country, with an average daily maximum temperature of about 14 degrees Celsius. It is, however, one of the windiest, with an average wind speed of 20 miles per hour. speed of 5 mph Winds are strongest in eastern Montana, specifically along the eastern slope of the Rockies. Some of these winds arrive in the late winter when warm, moist air from the Pacific Ocean reaches the Rockies, cools and dries out, and then slams down the east slope at high speeds. Extremes of temperature are common in the state, from freezing winters to scorching summers.  

Twenty-third, Michigan. 9 mph

Traverse City Michigan The typical wind speed in Michigan is 20 9 mph

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Michigan has a more temperate and moist climate than many other north-central states due to the Great Lakes' moderating effect on summer and mild winter temperatures. The average wind speed in the state is 20 With an average wind speed of 9.0 mph, it is the third windiest state in America. Lakes in Michigan are so big they could be considered oceans, and this could make for some wildly varying weather patterns. Two lake-effect snow belts extending 30–60 miles inland in Michigan receive potentially two–three times the annual snowfall total of the rest of the state.

2 Wyoming - 21 5 mph

Jenny Lake Wyoming On average, they are 21 years old. At a median annual wind speed of 5.

©iStock photographs by James Griffiths.com

The semi-arid and continental climate of Wyoming is characterized by greater annual temperature swings, stronger winds, and drier conditions than the rest of the United States. However, the state is currently second in the nation in average wind speed, at 21 miles per hour. 5 mph The average hourly wind speed in Wyoming varies widely throughout the year due to both seasonal and topographical factors. Some parts of Wyoming receive significantly more wind than others due to a combination of factors that includes the jet stream, the position and height of the mountains, altitude, and the way wind drops from the highest to the lowest points in Wyoming. Even though the air is thinner at higher altitudes than it is at sea level, the pressure of the wind still increases rapidly on any structure. The average wind speed in Wyoming is 11 miles per hour in March. A speed of 7 mph

First, Alaska: 21. 9 mph

In terms of average annual wind speed, Alaska is the windiest state in the USA.

©iStock com/chaolik

For an average wind velocity of 21 When it comes to average annual wind speed, Alaska tops the list, with average annual speeds of 9 miles per hour However, this order is not static. All across the United States, winds and temperatures can vary greatly due to a number of factors. Although Alaska has traditionally had the most wind, that will change in the near future.  

An additional climate zone can be found in the interior of Alaska, where a continental climate is influenced by arctic air from northern Canada and Siberia during the winter. In the summer, thunderstorms frequently roll through the interior, and it is not uncommon for lightning and strong winds to spark forest fires. Alaska is getting windier, and it may be due to storms in the Aleutian Islands. In today's climate, the Aleutian Islands are the windiest region in all of Alaska. Since the island chain follows the extratropical storm track, the majority of North Pacific hurricanes that make landfall will hit these states.

Why Do Tornadoes Occur

In meteorology, a pressure gradient is the rate at which atmospheric pressure changes. When pressure changes rapidly over a small distance, the pressure gradient force can be quite strong. Strong winds are almost always the result of enormous pressure differences. What the wind is blowing over affects its velocity. Over open water, the wind can travel more quickly than it would in a forest, where it would be slowed by the foliage and other obstacles. If there are buildings in the area, the air can be forced through narrow passages and forced upward.

Thunderstorms are not the only cause of high winds. The air beneath a cloud cools as rain from a thunderstorm evaporates. This cold, heavy air rises and "splashes" against the ground, just like a bucket of ice water. When air moves laterally, it creates powerful winds.

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