List of the Top 20 States to Call Home in the USA

Thomas Habr's Unsplash Photo of the New York Skyline com In the United States of America, anything is possible for anyone who wants it badly enough, where hope is always present and optimism is a way of life. With nearly 200 different nationalities now calling the United States home, it's safe

Best States to Live in the United States

Thomas Habr's Unsplash Photo of the New York Skyline com

In the United States of America, anything is possible for anyone who wants it badly enough, where hope is always present and optimism is a way of life.

With nearly 200 different nationalities now calling the United States home, it's safe to say that Americans as a whole have grown accustomed to and even come to value diversity. The people in most towns are close-knit and friendly, so it's normal to be greeted by complete strangers.

Most Americans lack self-doubt or hopelessness because, like the prototypical "melting pot" society, the United States was founded on the belief that everyone can become anything they set their minds to.  

Large variations in quality of life across the country's 3,800,000 square miles are, however, to be expected. You might start to wonder if you're still in the same country after taking off from Washington, DC and landing in Atlanta, GA. Whereas cannabis enjoys complete legality in Oregon, it is outlawed in Louisiana.

While nearly nine in ten Mississippians give religious faith high importance, only about half of Vermonters share this view. The coldest month in Miami is more bearable than the warmest month in North Dakota. I think you understand what I'm trying to say

Consequently, the prospect of moving can be daunting, even if the decision to do so was made consciously. The pressure to perform well increases when you're up against a deadline, such as on your first day of school or at a new job.

Thinking about where to settle down for the next decade, or if an employment contract across the country is worth disrupting your life, is one of the few endeavors that requires as many split-second choices or attracts as many cold feet.

Expense and potential for future employment are two examples of factors that are easy to see and nearly universal in their impact. When compared to issues of finance, accessibility of transportation, and academic opportunity, others, like food options and the environment, may seem less crucial. However, they can still have a major impact on your quality of life in the future.

It's possible that going with your gut is the best course of action, and we have faith that you'll know when the time is right. No matter if you're moving across town or across the country, we know that it's not an easy task. It takes a lot of guts to cross state lines, let alone international ones.

Choosing a new location is a crucial part of this procedure because it will shape your future there. Loading your first container is when the pressure is highest; if you can narrow down some or all of the relevant considerations beforehand, you will have much less to worry about later.

Top States to Make Your Home:

So, without further ado, keep reading to find out which 20 U.S. states are widely regarded as among the nation's finest residential areas. Relax with a beverage of your choice because we're about to go in-depth on the United States and everything it has to offer anyone thinking about moving there.

State of Tennessee, Number 20

Nashville, Tennessee

The city of Nashville, Tennessee; photo by Tanner Boriack on unsplash com

Tennessee whiskey. two words. Having been distilled from a variety of grains and aged in oak barrels, Tennessee whiskey is known for its distinctively smooth character and flavor. While Jack Daniel's may be the most well-known whiskey in the South, other excellent brands include George Dickel, Nelson's, Clayton James, and Uncle Nearest.

But you also know that Tennessee has a wonderful climate, exciting cities, and countless attractions that have drawn visitors for generations. Many travelers contemplated making Tennessee their new home as they headed back to their own.

Beautiful and diverse in economy and culture, Tennessee is home to several internationally recognized cities, including the state capital, Nashville, which draws in tens of thousands of new residents every year.

To the Nineteenth, Nebraska

Rural Nebraska

picture: pixabay user David Mark com

The state of Nebraska is not devoid of character. The state may have more cattle than people, but it has a rich agricultural history and some of the country's most beautiful scenery.

Incomes are high, housing costs are low, the job market is robust, and the overall quality of life in the Cornhusker State is high, making it one of the best places to live in the United States. The state is rated ninth in the nation for educational excellence.

Even more impressive than the state's ranking of fifth best for low cost of living is Nebraska's position as number one for those seeking better economic opportunities.

Number Eighteen, the Keystone State

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Image of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, by Oleksandr Dibrova, used here in a stock adobe com

Pennsylvania is known as the "Keystone State" for economic and geographical reasons in addition to its rich history, unique character, and bold spirit.

Considering that studying cartography probably wasn't anyone's idea of a good time, we won't devote too much time to these issues. However, you should be aware that Pennsylvania acts as a connecting point for the regions to its north, south, east, and west.

Still, the state's long list of "firsts"—including the first computer, the first daily newspaper, the first piano in America, the first car repair shop, the first zoo garden, the first radio broadcast, and the first American flag—is what most strikes us about it. that style of list growth is infinite

Pennsylvania, despite its high cost of living, has a very low income tax. Housing costs in the state are 30% lower than in New York City, and rent is about half as much. You can see the difference there.

Additionally, many people appreciate its proximity to New York City. The opportunity to visit New York City for a night or a weekend without having to permanently relocate your life there is an unrivaled perk.

17. Kansas

Kansas sunflower state

Sunflowers in full bloom in Kansas; photograph by Scott Evers; stock adobe com

Despite its reputation as a rough and tumble cowboy state, Kansas has always been a welcoming slice of authentic America, rich in history and immensely proud of its extraordinary past. The agricultural sector is vital to the economy of the Sunflower State, which ranks highly in the production of corn, wheat, soybeans, and beef.

Most people are attracted to Kansas because of its low cost of living. While the cost of living is 21% lower in rural Kansas than it is nationally, the median family household only makes about ,000 per year.

You can see now how cheap living in Kansas really is. Don't, however, assume that the only cheap places are in rural Kansas. Affordable housing can be found even in major cities.

But when asked what makes Kansas special, most people will say their barbecue. You read that correctly Kansas-style barbecue, in terms of preparation, is typically slow-smoked over a variety of woods before being covered in a sauce infused with tomato and molasses.

Therefore, it is extremely difficult to find a bad restaurant in Kansas, especially if you are interested in trying some of the best barbecue in the country.

Trivia: Did you know that while Kansas is home to most of Kansas City, Missouri claims the majority of the city?

16. Iowa

Iowa farm

Picture of an Iowa farm, courtesy of David Mark and pixabay. com

Iowa is a great place to settle down because it has an abundance of fruits grown locally and because it has both rural and urban areas.

Iowa is one of the most sought-after places in America because of its beautiful scenery, diverse population, low crime rate, affordable housing, and laid-back rural vibe. You can get a feel for the American Midwest from Johnny Cougar's music.

The low cost of living in Hawkeye State makes it a desirable place to settle down and raise a family or pursue higher education, regardless of your age group.

Des Moines is about 10% lower than the average of all U.S. cities, and smaller towns are even lower. To add, in 2010, Davenport-Bettendorf was named the most economically robust metro area in the United States by Forbes.

In 2021, the average cost of a single-family home in Iowa was $171,251, nearly half that of the rest of the country. Iowa is one of the least aggrieved states in the country, with 20% fewer violent crimes and under 10% of property crimes than the national average.

State, Number 15: Virginia

Albemarle County, Virginia

Stock image of a farm in Albemarle County, Virginia, taken by Bram adobe com

Virginia's location on the East Coast makes it an attractive state for residents and visitors alike, and the state's rich history and diverse ecosystems ensure that everyone can find something to love there. The southern hospitality, excellent schools, diverse culture, and thriving economy make this state a national treasure.

Virginia has a higher than average cost of living and tax rate, making it an expensive state in which to purchase a home. Nonetheless, with the real estate market being as large as it is, it is possible to find an affordable place to live, especially in rural areas. When it comes to cost of living, Covington, Kentucky, comes in first.

A growing and diverse population, a thriving economy, and a skilled labor force are just a few of Virginia's other claims to fame. That's why it's a great place to call home if you're thinking about moving

Comprises the 14th state, Illinois

Chicago, Illinois

Picture of Chicago, Illinois, by David Mark, courtesy of pixabay com

Everyone expects you to move to Illinois because it consistently ranks high on lists of the best places to live in the United States. Chicago, the state's most famous city, is the third-most populous in the United States. S yet it is so much more than that  

Illinois is a major economic force in the United States, with the nation's fifth-largest gross domestic product and a highly stable economy. There are plenty of jobs available, so you can expect a higher salary, and the state's many factories and offices mean you'll never have to worry about missing a payment.

Illinois has a lot more to be proud of than just Chicago. To begin with, it was the first state to abolish slavery, and Abraham Lincoln called it home for a considerable amount of time. Also, the very first McDonald's restaurant, and its current location, can both be found in Illinois.

Thirteenthly, Vermont

Fall in Vermont

Photographed in Vermont this autumn by Venti Views on unsplash com

Vermont, a state in New England, is widely regarded as one of the most visually appealing places in the United States. Despite the fact that its name means "Green Mountain State," the state experiences a full range of colors throughout the year as the seasons change.

Living in Vermont will give you a great deal of freedom, fresh air to breathe, and good company. However, if you're craving the urban scene, you can fly to Montreal, Boston, or New York City in a matter of hours.

Because of its relatively low crime rate and abundance of quaint small towns, Vermont consistently tops lists of the nation's safest states. Even though this makes Vermont a quaint and tranquil state, it also gives it its own unique vibe, with the state's trademark confined friendliness permeating every corner.

If you're looking for a peaceful life away from the chaos of the city, but close enough to make exceptions when necessary, Vermont might be the ideal place for you to settle down.

Wisconsin comes in at number 12 on the list.

Milwakee, Wisconsin

Wisconsin's Milwakee; Photo: f11photo; Stock adobe com

Wisconsin requires a unique kind of person, but once you settle in, you'll wonder why you ever considered leaving. It's reasonable to assume that newcomers will experience some culture shock.

Real estate in Wisconsin is significantly cheaper than the national average, contributing to the state's overall cost of living being 10% lower than the national average. When compared to the national median of $374,000, the local median home price is significantly lower at $230,000. The data show that the median monthly rent is around 0, which is significantly less than the national median of $1,300.

Moreover, Wisconsin is paradise for cheese lovers, as three million pounds of cheese of 600 varieties are produced there annually. America's Dairyland is also home to the third-best football team in the country, so the Midwest state is a paradise for sports fans.

11. Texas

Austin, Texas

Austin, Texas; image courtesy of unsplash user MJ Tangonan com

If you say the word "Texas," what immediately comes to mind are images of cowboy boots, sprawling ranches and farms, massive barbeques, and metropolitan areas like Dallas. The truth, however, is that anything in the state of Texas can be described as "big." Everything in Texas is bigger: the roads, the restaurants, the stores, and the houses.

One of Texas's selling points is probably the absence of a state income tax. Tax-free zones have higher-than-average property taxes, however.

Low housing costs make it possible to live lavishly on a middle-class salary in Texas, adding to the state's appeal. You'll find that housing costs are 59 To a lesser extent (by 1%), this is also cheaper. That could be a contributing factor to Austin's current popularity.  

10. Idaho

Boise, Idaho

The city of Boise, Idaho, as seen in a picture by Pinpals on the public-domain image hosting site pixabay. com

Those who have been to Idaho can attest to the truth of its nickname, "the Gem State." Although Idaho is home to a number of valuable natural resources, many residents would argue that the state's scenery is its greatest asset.

But the state's economic potential will interest you even if wildlife isn't your thing. There are a wide variety of job opportunities and the cost of living is about the national average in Idaho.

But keep in mind that housing costs and income taxes are relatively high. Finally, there is not enough religious, cultural, or ethnic variety, and the alcohol laws are dated. However, we think that if you put in the time and effort, you can find a few good friends.

9. Utah

Arches National Park, Utah

Utah's Arches National Park, captured on unsplash by solotravelgoals com

Thinking about moving to Utah We get it The state stands out for its high quality of life, low crime rate, and beautiful landscape. Utah is more affordable than its neighboring state of Colorado, yet both states offer access to similar weather and breathtaking peaks.

The economy of Utah is thriving, and its residents enjoy a high quality of life as a result. The job markets in Salt Lake City and Provo are consistently rated among the best in the country.

You will be pleasantly surprised by Salt Lake City if you travel to Utah in search of a lively social atmosphere. Annually, the Sundance Film Festival draws affluent people to Utah who spend and invest heavily in the state's economy. This is the spot to be if you want to people-watch or watch movies.

The Great Lakes Region: 8. Michigan

Detroit, Michigan

Pixabay/Peter MolDetroit, Michigan com

Let us be completely forthright with you: the winters are extremely cold, and the summers are extremely humid. Other than that, there are many great reasons to call Michigan home.

State with world-class cultural resources, picture-perfect natural scenery, thriving urban centers, and abundant recreational opportunities, plus room to expand. In addition, the cost of living is quite affordable.

Here, you can take a drive through wide-open spaces, small lakes, dense forests, and bustling metropolises brimming with art and culture. Overall, a visit to Michigan can give you a new perspective on life.

Seventhly, New York

New York skyline at sunset

Sunset over Manhattan, New York City, by susanne2688, a stock photo adobe com

New York is not just the metropolis that is New York City; it has a lot more to offer. It is a large state with a rich history and a plethora of picturesque locations, making it a top choice for people who value proximity to live music venues, museums, and other cultural attractions.

Furthermore, the state's northernmost regions are a haven for hikers and nature lovers alike due to the presence of a particularly beautiful stretch of the internationally renowned Appalachian Trail.

The crime rate in New York state is significantly lower than the national average, according to FBI statistics. We remember when New York City's crime spread throughout the state and earned it a bad name, but those days are long gone.

Looking for an affordable place to live Do not assume that New York State's housing costs are the same as those in the Big Apple. There is a median price of $371,880 for a home in New York.

Sixth, Minnesota

Minneapolis, Minnesota

A picture of Minneapolis, Minnesota, taken by Nicole Geri and posted on unsplash com

At 22, Minnesota ranks as the most populous state in the United States. It is one of the largest states with its 87,014 square miles and population of 7 million. One of the best reasons to move to Minnesota is to enjoy the state's stunning natural landscape, which includes five national parks, 76 state parks, and more than 10,000 lakes.

Minnesota's Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul are the main attractions, though. Paul, which are both less than ten miles away The two cities are so close together that they might as well be the same. However, they couldn't be more different from one another.

The Twin Cities are one of the most densely populated areas in the world by Fortune 500 companies, which is good news but comes at a high cost. For example, a one-bedroom apartment in Minneapolis, Minnesota, will run you about $1,500 per month. Although the cost is lower than in a city like New York, it is still not insignificant.

Number Five, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Autumn in New England

Fall foliage in New England; photograph by Mark Lotterhand; stock adobe com

Massachusetts has some of the nation's most beautiful summers if you can find a way to endure its harsh winters. Nonetheless, the state is well-known not only for its mild summers but also for its breathtaking fall foliage. Don't believe us? Search for "Fall in Massachusetts" on Google right now and you'll see what we're talking about.

Massachusetts is an alluring state to call home for many reasons, not the least of which is its abundance of prestigious educational institutions (it is sufficient to mention Harvard to understand why). The state is also home to a diverse population of forward-thinking individuals and a breathtaking natural setting. Adore eating seafood There will be a wide variety of dishes available to you, as the state is known for its specialties, most notably shellfish.

High-tech jobs, a skilled workforce, and thriving traditional industries like agriculture, commerce, and fishing all contribute to the region's thriving economy.

Four. New Hampshire

Nashua, New Hampshire

Nashua, NH / Thomas's Stock Photo adobe com

New Hampshire, also known as the Granite State, is a small state in the northeastern United States that shares a border with Canada and is home to about 1 At least 36 million people It's a tiny state, but it packs a big punch, with everything from sweeping wilderness and jagged peaks to bustling metropolises.

The state, which was one of the original 13 provinces, is known for its beautiful landscape and abundance of historic towns and villages. In addition, New Hampshire's government is set up in a variety of ways that aren't common in the rest of the United States. S jurisdictions Income tax and sales tax are both absent from the state's tax structure.

When you're looking for a place to get away from it all, look no further than New Hampshire. Living here can be a welcome respite from the crowds if you're tired of being smothered by people.

Three, North Dakota

Theodore Roosevelt National Park, North Dakota

A stock photo of Theodore Roosevelt National Park in North Dakota, taken by Bram. adobe com

Beautiful scenery, unique wildlife, and friendly people combine to make North Dakota one of the most desirable states in America.

Although not for everyone, North Dakota is a great place to call home if you're looking for a peaceful grassland paradise with low crime rates, affordable housing, short commutes, and low overall costs of living.

With one of the lowest unemployment rates in the country, a thriving economy, and a top-notch educational system, North Dakota is an attractive place to live. Industry and technology have quickly become important players in the state, joining traditional powerhouses like oil and gas and agriculture.

Additionally, locals are spared an intolerable monetary burden thanks to a moderate cost of living. Put these qualities together, and anyone can succeed in their personal lives, careers, and finances.

New Jersey, Number Two

Jersey City skyline

New Jersey's skyline, courtesy of bluebeat76's stock photo adobe com

New Jersey certainly deserves your attention if it hasn't already. Those in search of world-class institutions of higher education and healthcare, exciting leisure pursuits, varied topography, and other attractions flock to this crown on the East Coast.

In addition to its proximity to major cities like New York and Philadelphia, which can be reached in a day via train, New York itself is a dynamic blend of rural and urban, chic and historic. New Jersey has a lot to offer for such a compact state.

It is a great place to live if you appreciate farm-to-table quality, as it consistently ranks among the top suppliers of fruits and vegetables in the country. Moreover, the sheer number of corporations with offices or bases in the state makes it not difficult to find work in New Jersey, making 4 A total of 5 million people are employed without risk.

Washington, D.C.

Seattle, Washington

Location: Seattle, Washington Photographer: Stephen Plopper, unsplash com

Washington is a beautiful state in the United States, situated in the top left corner amongst pine-covered mountains, towering peaks, and wide valleys. Consequently, the Pacific Northwest's breathtaking scenery is a major selling point for the region.

All sorts of outdoor activities, numerous job opportunities, a thriving community of small businesses, and a wide range of places to live are all available here. The absence of an income tax is another attractive feature of life in Washington.

The Seattle-Tacoma-Bellevue metro area is the economic engine fueling the state's booming job sector, which is not surprising given the prominence of Microsoft and Amazon, the expanding Google footprint, and aviation behemoth Boeing.

In addition to being home to Alaska Airlines and Starbucks, Seattle is also a major center for agricultural production in the United States. S While it's true that Washington has a high cost of living, the statement is unambiguous. For instance, a two-bedroom apartment in Seattle goes for a median of $2,100 per month. That's a whopping 80% above the U.S. average, in case you were wondering.


We recognize how important it is to find a new home, so we spent a lot of time compiling this information about the top 20 states in the United States.

We hope it will help you determine if a move is in your future and provide useful information about the best areas to settle down in.

List of the Top 20 States to Call Home in the USA

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