The 12 Best Beaches in Florida for Lovers

Looking for the top romantic beaches in Florida? Right where you need to be This guide will take you to the most private, secluded, and romantic beaches in Florida, perfect for a honeymoon or a romantic getaway. We've got you covered whether you're looking for a romantic retreat, a party venue, or a quiet place to get away from it all.

We'll fill you in on all the details you need to know to pick the perfect beach.

We think a private Florida beach is the most romantic, but we find romance on any beach. We have powdery white sand, turquoise water, breathtaking sunsets, and beaches perfect for any celebration. And the climate around here is almost always favorable.

Each of Florida's beaches also offers unique amenities. Maybe you're looking for an opulent escape, a bit of seclusion, a lively social scene, or the chance to unwind in the great outdoors. Florida has everything you could possibly need.

Lovers Key and Honeymoon Island are just two of the many romantic destinations in Florida. Let's get started with our tour of the top Florida beaches for lovers.

A couple on the beach in an article about the best Florida beaches for couples

Island of Beer Cans

Honestly, we adore this location and can't wait to return. Don't confuse this with Beer Can Island, a popular party destination.

Beautiful Beer Can Island, also known as Greer Island, is located not far from Sarasota. It's a beach for those who value privacy; it's not well-known and can be difficult to reach, but the effort is well worth it. Weekends tend to be busier, so if you're looking for quiet, avoid going then.

Terrance and I were stunned upon first seeing this beach because it is so different from any other beach in Florida. It's mystical and fantastical, like something out of a film.

It's breathtaking at sunset and would make for a great romantic surprise.

Learn more about one of the most romantic places in Florida by reading our guide to Beer Can Island. How to Have a Great Time on Beer Can Island

Beer can island one of the best florida beaches for couples.

Desoto Garrison

If you prefer to do more than just lie on the beach during your romantic getaway, Fort Desoto could be the place for you. There are beaches, hiking trails, and plenty of historical sites at this state park.

The park, located southwest of St. Petersburg, is the largest in the Pinellas County Parks system and consists of five offshore islands.

The park's coastline is seven miles long. Since most people head to North Beach, East Beach is usually not as crowded.

It's a lovely spot with plenty to do if you want to make a weekend of it, so feel free to set up camp for the night.

Check out these helpful hints before you visit Fort De Soto, Florida, a coastal playground.

A beautiful sunset on Fort Desoto Beach. One the the best Florida beaches for couples

Island of Romance

With more than 4 miles of beaches, Honeymoon Island is the perfect place to spend quality time with that special someone.

West of Tampa, you'll find a delightful barrier island. In addition, you can hike for three miles through one of Florida's last slash pine forests.

It's a state park, so expect to pay to enter, but the money is well spent. Since it closes at sunset, you can't stay there, but there are plenty of other options in the area.

To unwind, head to Main Beach, while those seeking a more natural experience should head to North Beach.

This park's natural setting is perfect for a romantic getaway, and you can even take a boat to nearby Caladesi Island State Park to visit two beaches in one!

Read our helpful guide to the Florida treasure that is Honeymoon Island State Park before you go.

The beautiful Honeymoon Island beach in Florida

The Secret to Your Heart

We couldn't possibly exclude a beach with a name like Lovers Key from our ranking of the best beaches in Florida for couples. It's truly paradise, with its endless stretches of white sand and turquoise water.

Lovers Key State Park, located on the barrier island in southwest Florida, features two miles of pristine, unspoiled beach. The park is only open during the day, but nearby Fort Myers is a fantastic place to spend the night thanks to its abundance of attractions.

The stunning island and beach are what bring people here, not the sunset cruises, dolphin tours, or kayaking.

Take your special someone on a romantic day trip to Lovers Key, where you can also get married on the sand!

A couple holding hands on Lovers key beach. One the the best florida beaches for couples

Biscayne Key

Key Biscayne, often overlooked in favor of Key West, is an excellent choice for a couple's vacation. For starters, it's only a short drive from Miami, and its beaches and water look just as stunning as those in Key West.

If you don't have a lot of time, but still want to get away, this is the perfect spot. The sunset, the top of the lighthouse, and a seaplane ride over Miami are just a few of the sights to behold.

There are a lot fewer people at these beaches, giving off a chill Miami vibe. The two-mile stretch of paradise known as Crandon Park Beach was once a coconut plantation. The peaceful and picturesque Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park features a lighthouse.

It's a great place for a couple to have some privacy together.

The beautiful Key Biscayne Beach and a lifeguard tower

St St. Petersburg's Sands

We couldn't make a list of the best beaches in Florida for couples and leave out one that's close to Tampa. Based on user reviews, TripAdvisor users voted St. The second best beach in America is located in St. Pete. Clearly, we are not the only ones who feel this way about this beach.

It's a hub of activity thanks to its vibrant art scene and exciting nightlife. There's a ton to do here, and we just know it'll win your heart.

What else can we say about this beach except that it is spotless, has fine sand, and pristine water? These beaches, along with Clearwater, are located on one of Florida's longest stretches of public, undeveloped beach.

To top off your romantic getaway in St. Petes, you can stay at the iconic Don Ceaser pink hotel.

This area is beautiful and has everything you need for a romantic getaway, if you don't mind a bit more foot traffic.

A couple under an umbrella on St Pete's beach. One of the best florida beaches for couples

"Vero Beach"

This is the place to go if you want to feel like you're in old Florida. Vero Beach, located on Florida's scenic "Treasure Coast," is widely regarded as one of the state's premier destinations for romantic getaways.

Visit McKee Botanical Gardens, go on an airboat tour of the marshes, or check out Round Island Beach State Park to see some manatees.

Numerous small restaurants and riverside theaters keep you entertained well into the night.

Vero Beach is complete with a stunning coastline, a quaint downtown filled with unique shops, and a thriving arts and cultural scene.

It's convenient for those who don't want to travel too far from home.

Vero Beach one of the best florida beaches for couples

Island of Gasparilla

The Gasparilla Island State Park and the renovated Port Boca Grande Lighthouse make this beautiful island a must-see. With its brightly painted beach cottages, grand mansions, and high-end boutiques, it is reminiscent of New England.

Despite the glitz, the atmosphere is casual. Everyone seems to be content in their own private sanctuary.

The island is fantastic for fishing enthusiasts, as well as those who enjoy swimming, snorkeling, and shelling.

The island has everything a couple in love with nature and low-key luxury could want.

A couple on a beach in Florida

The Isle of St. George

We found St. George Island to be very peaceful and romantic. Some of the best beaches in the United States can be found on this relatively untouched island.

There are nine miles of beaches, as well as marshes and sand dunes, on the island.

This could be the perfect place for you if you have always dreamed of beachfront living, long strolls, and a relaxed pace of life. It's a great place for a romantic getaway, and it also has some fantastic seafood restaurants.

And if you want the ultimate romantic evening, I highly recommend a visit to Dr. Julian G Bruce St State Park on George Island Light pollution is minimal in this park, making it ideal for nighttime stargazing.

St George Island a great beach in Florida for couple

Sanctuary of Caladesi Island

Caladesi Island State Park has three miles of pristine beaches, making it a prime destination for those seeking seclusion. The park can only be reached by boat, but trust us when we say that the trip is well worth it.

The beach is beautiful, and you may even have it all to yourself. The fact that it is a state park means that there is even more to explore. Trails through mangroves and natural areas abound, and the historic Scharrer Homestead can also be visited.

This place truly is an experience

Someone holding a shell on Caladesi beach

Beach in Santa Rosa

Santa Rosa Beach is the place to be if you're a fan of crystal clear water and powdery white sand. This beach, which spans 26 miles along Florida's renowned Emerald Coast, is stunning. The Florida Panhandle is an absolutely stunning location.

Luxury beachfront residences, top-notch eateries, and a dynamic art community make the beachside neighborhood just as appealing as the beach itself. There's a special kind of romance in this spot.

Point Washington State Forest, with its 15,000 acres of cypress swamps and wetlands, is just a short drive away from the beach if you find yourself needing a break from the sand and surf.

The sunsets are spectacular, and the beach offers a wonderful vantage point.

An aerial view of santa rosa beach

Tortugas del Norte

Dry Tortugas is the place to go if you're the type who likes to sleep in a tent on the sand and gaze at the stars.

An extremely stunning and underappreciated national park that is home to a fort, numerous attractions, and a stunning stretch of coastline. Located 70 miles from Key West, this park is accessible only by ferry or seaplane; reservations are required.

You'll need to bring all of your own food, water, and toiletries because the island only has a single outhouse. We think it's worth it because the stars are beautiful at night and the rustic setting adds to the allure.

Those who bring their own kayaks or canoes can explore the island and its surroundings.

If you're not up for roughing it, rent a boat and take your time discovering the area at your own pace.

Check out Exploring Dry Tortugas National Park for some pre-trip reading.

Dry Tortugas beach one of the best Florida beaches for coupless

If you're looking for information on the best Florida beaches for couples, we hope you find it here. You can't beat a romantic getaway to Florida's beautiful beaches. You can easily travel between several of these beaches, and I highly recommend that you do so.  

Have a wonderful time, and please share your experiences with us. Let us know how your trip is going if you can.

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