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A college football rivalry[2][3] between the University of Alabama's Crimson Tide and the University of Georgia's Bulldogs is known as the Alabama-Georgia game. Both of these neighboring state universities joined the Southeastern Conference (SEC) in its inaugural year of 1933 and were perennial rivals until 1965. Although Alabama and Georgia no longer play each other every year, the teams have met in three SEC Championship Games and two College Football Playoff National Championship Games since 2010, bringing the rivalry back into the national spotlight.

History [ edit ]

In 1895, in Columbus, Georgia, the two southern universities had their first meeting. Georgia won 30-6 over Alabama. In 1901, Georgia won again, and for the next several decades, the teams met frequently. [9][10]

Between 1944 and 1965, the teams met in every season. During that time, Alabama had two separate five-game winning streaks, and their 21-6 victory over Penn State in Birmingham in 1960 was the first college football game ever televised by the ABC network. [11]

Alabama's head coach Paul "Bear" Bryant and Georgia's athletic director and ex-coach Wally Butts were accused of fixing the 1962 game, which Alabama won 35-0, in an article published in The Saturday Evening Post in 1963. Butts resigned as athletic director after the story broke, even though both he and Bryant said the allegations were false. Curtis Publishing Co. v. Butts (1967) is the name of the Supreme Court case in which the two sued the magazine's publisher for libel. The Supreme Court sided with Butts, and the publisher was eventually ordered to pay damages totaling more than $3 million. Reportedly due to the lawsuit, the magazine went out of business. [11]

After the 1965 game, which the Bulldogs won 18-17 on a controversial flea-flicker in the final seconds, the schools decided to stop playing each other annually due to the scandal. From 1971 to 1982, when the Tide or Bulldogs won at least a share of every SEC title, the teams played only four times. [11]

Times of division (1992-present) [ edit ]

Upon the conference's expansion to twelve teams and subsequent divisionalization in 1992, the West Division included Alabama while the East Division had Georgia. It was decided that each team in the league would have two "permanent" cross-division rivals. Since the two teams were not permanently paired as rivals, games between Alabama and Georgia would only occur at random (twice every eight years) or in the newly established SEC Championship Game. [13]

There is only one permanent cross-division rival for each team now that the SEC has expanded to 14 teams, with Alabama always playing Tennessee and Georgia always playing Auburn. Only twice every 12 years will the Crimson Tide and Bulldogs meet in the regular season [14]. [15]

With three SEC Championship Game victories and two College Football Playoff National Championship appearances each, Alabama has a 7-4 record against Georgia since 1992. [16] Many of the recent Alabama-Georgia matchups have been between highly ranked teams, with the regular-season matchups in 2007 and 2008 hosting College Gameday Sixteenth-ranked Georgia won a 26-23 overtime thriller against twenty-third-ranked Alabama in 2007. In 2008, at Athens, #8 Alabama shocked #3 Georgia by scoring 41-30.

The 2012 SEC Championship Game was played at the Georgia Dome in Atlanta, Georgia on December 1, 2012, and the winner was expected to advance to the national championship game. As a result of a failed two-point conversion on Georgia's final play, #2 Alabama won the game 32-28 over #3 Georgia. [18]

Saban vs. Smart, a heated rivalry that has gained national attention in recent years. [ edit ]

Upon the conclusion of the 2015 season, Georgia hired Kirby Smart, a veteran assistant coach at Alabama and a former Bulldogs player, to take over as head coach. Since then, Smart has taken Georgia to four postseason games, all of which have been against the Tide and their current head coach, Nick Saban. [19][20]

Saban and Smart faced each other for the first time after the 2017 campaign. To win its 17th national title, Alabama overcame a 13-point deficit to defeat Georgia 26-23 in overtime in the 2018 College Football Playoff National Championship Game at Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta. To my knowledge, Alabama's victory was the first time in college football history that a team won the national championship game despite never holding the lead. [22]

The following year, in 2018, they met again in Atlanta for the SEC Championship. Even though #4 Georgia had a 28-14 lead with 3:00 left in the third quarter, #1 Alabama came back to win, 35-28. [20][23][24]

Next, the teams squared off in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, during the 2020 regular season. Both teams were in the top three, and the contest was being broadcast on ESPN's College GameDay, making it a must-see event. This was the first Tuscaloosa gathering since 2007. Georgia held a narrow 24-20 lead at halftime of a tightly contested game. Alabama scored 21 unanswered points in the second half and defeated Georgia 41-24. [25][26]

The two teams met again in Atlanta on December 4, 2021, for the Southeastern Conference Championship Game. At the time, Georgia was undefeated and ranked first in the country, while Alabama was third with one loss and ranked second. The final score was 41-24, with Alabama once again coming out on top. Nonetheless, both teams won their respective national semifinal games to advance to the College Football Playoff National Championship Game on January 10, 2022. In the long history of these teams' rivalry, this was the shortest time between their meetings. The Bulldogs' 33-18 victory over Georgia in the title game was their first since 1980. In addition, this victory ended a seven-game losing streak for Georgia against Alabama dating back to September 27, 2007. With their victory, Georgia also made history as the first football team to win the AP National Championship after losing their conference championship game in the same season since conference championship games were first played in 1992. While Alabama had won the AP National Championship twice before (in 2011 and 2017), they did not make it to the SEC Championship Game either year because of losses to LSU (the SEC West champion) and Auburn (the SEC West co-champion).

Scores in games [ edit ]

Alabama's Success Success for Georgia Tie games No Date Location Triumphant group Teams that end up losing 1 The Date Was November 2, 1895 Location: Columbus, Georgia Georgia 30 Alabama 6 2 When: November 9, 1901 The Capital of Alabama: Montgomery Tie Tie 3 On this day in 1902, November 1: To be specific, Birmingham is located in Alabama. Georgia 5 Alabama 4 05 NOVEMBER 1904 Alabama; Tuscaloosa Alabama 16 Georgia 5 5 It was November 4th, 1905. City of Birmingham, Alabama Alabama 36 Georgia 6 Wednesday, October 25th, 1907 Alabama; Montgomery Tie Tie 7 The date November 14th, 1908 BHAM, ALABAMA Tie 6 Tie 6 8 As of the 30th of October, 1909 The Georgia capital of Atlanta. Alabama 14 Georgia 9 Thursday, October 15, 1910 This is the place: Birmingham, Alabama Georgia 22 Alabama 10 When: Tuesday, October 14, 1911 BHAM, ALABAMA Georgia 11 Alabama 3 11 The date October 26th, 1912 The Georgia city of Columbus. Georgia 13 Alabama 9 12 Thursday, October 18th, 1913 BHAM, ALABAMA Georgia 20 Alabama 13 On this day in 1916 (November 30) Location: Birmingham, Alabama Georgia 23 Alabama 14 On this date in 1919 Metro Area: Alabama 6 Georgia 15 November 20, 1920 Place: Atlanta, Georgia Georgia 21 Alabama 14 16 This day in 1921, on November 19 Metro Area: Georgia 22 Alabama 17 The date November 25th, 1922 Location: Montgomery, Alabama Alabama 10 Georgia 6 18 November 24th, 1923 Alabama; Montgomery Alabama 36 Georgia 19 On this day in 1924, November 27 In and around Birmingham Alabama 33 Georgia 20 The Date Is: November 26th, 1925 BHAM, ALABAMA Alabama 27 Georgia 21 On this day in 1926, November 25 Locale: Birmingham, Alabama Alabama 33 Georgia 6 22 On this day in 1927 It's located in Birmingham, Alabama Georgia 20 Alabama 6 23 The 29th of November, 1928 BHAM, ALABAMA Alabama 19 Georgia 24 November 28th, 1929 BHAM, ALABAMA Georgia 12 Alabama 25 This day in 1930, on November 27 It's located in Birmingham, Alabama Alabama 13 Georgia 26 ...on that fateful day in October of 1934 BHAM, ALABAMA Alabama 26 Georgia 6 27 As of this date in 1935: Athens, GA Alabama 17 Georgia 7 28 The date of October 25, 1941 Where: In or Near Birmingham, Alabama Alabama 27 Georgia 14 29 Wednesday, October 31st, 1942 Location: Atlanta, Georgia #2 Georgia 21 #3 Alabama 10 30 The date of November 4, 1944 BHAM, ALABAMA Georgia 14 The University of Alabama is ranked 19th. 7 31 The Date Was October 27th, 1945 BHAM, ALABAMA #6 Alabama 28 Georgia 14 32 The date of November 2, 1946 Athens, GA #5 Georgia 14 Alabam, AL 33 In other words, on that fateful day in October of 1947 Athens, GA Alabama 17 Georgia 7 34 October 30th, 1948 The Magic City: Birmingham, Alabama Georgia (#18) 35 Alabama 35 The 29th of October, 1949 Athens, GA Alabama 14 Georgia 7 36 Monday, November 4, 1950 Alabama; specifically, Birmingham Alabama 14 Georgia 7 37 This day in 1951, on November 3 Athens, GA Alabama 16 Georgia 14 No Date Location Successful group Group that is losing 38 Starting on November 1st, 1952 BHAM, ALABAMA Alabam, AL 34 Georgia 19 39 Sunday, October 31, 1953 Athens, GA Alabama 33 Georgia 12 40 It's the 30th of October in 1954. Located in: Birmingham, Alabama Tie Tie 41 On this day in 1955 Athens, GA Georgia 35 Alabama 14 42 On this day in 1956 BHAM, ALABAMA Georgia 16 Alabama 13 43 On this day in 1957, November 2nd Athens, GA Alabama 14 Georgia 13 44 Dated: November 1st, 1958 Alabama; Tuscaloosa Alabama 12 Georgia 45 On September 19th, 1959 Athens, GA Georgia 17 Alabama 3 46 Dated: September 17, 1960 Location: Birmingham, Alabama Alabama 21 The 13th-ranked state, Georgia 6 47 When: September 23, 1961 Athens, GA #3 Alabama 32 Georgia 6 48 On this day in 1962, September 22nd, Where: In or Near Birmingham, Alabama #3 Alabama 35 Georgia 49 On that date in 1963, September 21st, Athens, GA #3 Alabama 32 Georgia 7 50 When: September 19, 1964 State of Alabama; Tuscaloosa #6 Alabama 31 Georgia 3 51 The 18th of September, 1965 Athens, GA Georgia 18 #5 Alabama 17 52 Saturday, October 7, 1972 Athens, GA #4 Alabama 25 Georgia 7 53 October 6th, 1973 Alabamians in Tuscaloosa #3 Alabama 28 Georgia 14 54 The date was October 2, 1976. Athens, GA #6 Georgia 21 Rank: #10 Alabama 55 On this day in 1977 In the city of Tuscaloosa, Alabama State of Alabama, United States, Tenth 18 Georgia 10 56 Accessed: 6 October, 1984 BHAM, ALABAMA Georgia is ranked twenty-first. 24 Alabama 14 57 Tuesday, September 2, 1985 Athens, GA Alabama 20 Georgia 16 58 Sunday, September 22nd, 1990 Athens, GA Georgia 17 Alabama 16 59 On September 21st, 1991 It's in Tuscaloosa, Alabama Alabama 10 Georgia is ranked 25th in the nation. 60 On this day in 1994 Alabama; Tuscaloosa 11th-ranked Alabama 29 Georgia 28 61 September 30th, 1995 Athens, GA Alabama, which ranks twenty, 31 Georgia 62 On this day in 2002, October 5 The city of Tuscaloosa, Alabama #7 Georgia 27 Alabama, which ranks twenty-two, 25 63 On this day in 2003, October 4th, Athens, GA Georgia, the Eleventh 37 Alabama 23 64 Friday, September 22, 2007 Alabama; Tuscaloosa At #22, Georgia 26 The University of Alabama is ranked sixteenth. 23OT 65 On this date in 2008, September 27th, Athens, GA #8 Alabama 41 #3 Georgia 30 66 Dated:1 December 2012 Metro Area: #2 Alabama 32 #3 Georgia 28 67 On this day in 2015, October 3rd, Athens, GA Ala., #13 38 #8 Georgia 10 68 Sunday, January 7th, 2018 The Georgia capital of Atlanta. #4 Alabama 26 #3 Georgia 23OT 69 It's the 1st of December, 2018 This is the Atlanta, Georgia #1 Alabama 35 #4 Georgia 28 70 Date: October 17, 2020 Alabama; Tuscaloosa #2 Alabama 41 #3 Georgia 24 71 On this date in 2021: Metro Area: #3 Alabama 41 #1 Georgia 24 72 Wednesday, January 10, 20221 Locale: Indy, IN #3 Georgia 33 #1 Alabama 18 Alabama has a 42-26-4 lead in the series at the moment.

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References [ edit ]

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