Top 12 Smallest US States

The United States consists of 50 separate states that collectively cover an area of about 3.8 million square miles; however, many states, especially those in the East, are much smaller.

There are 50 separate sovereign states and the District of Columbia that together account for 3,796,742 23 sq mi which, with a total area of over 665,384 square miles, makes Alaska the largest state in the United States. 04 sq mi Rhode Island has the smallest total and land area of any state in the United States, at only 0.18 percent. 8 of the 50 states have more than 100,000 sq. thousands of square inches

The United States is home to many much smaller states. Most of these are in the East because of their long colonial history prior to the formation of the Union. More recent states, especially in the West, are larger in size and have a more urbanized layout for the sake of efficient government.

PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that the United States currently has 13 unincorporated territories. United States authorities oversee them, but no U.S. S Constitution only partially applicable There are five of the thirteen unincorporated territories that are smaller than Rhode Island, the smallest state in the United States. Since they are part of the United States but not a state, we count them here.

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States with the fewest inhabitants in the USA

Smallest of the fifty states Cumulative Square Mileage The Ocean State: Rhode Island 1,544 89 Delaware 2,488 72 Connecticut 5,543 41 New Jersey 8,722 58 This New Hampshire 9,349 2 Vermont 9,616 4 Massachusetts 10,554 Hawaii 10,931 Maryland 12,405 Western Virginia 24,430 Carolina del Sur 32,020 49 Maine 35,379 74

Listed below, in order, are the smallest states in the United States, based on total area. This total area consists of both land and water.

One, Rhode Island (1,544 89 sq miles)

Rhode Island (1,034 sq. miles): Smallest States In USA Pictures from Pixabay user Falkenpost

To put it in perspective, there are only 1,544 89 sq miles, making it the smallest of the 50 United States of America's states. This encompasses both land and water areas. It is located in northeastern United States. Despite being only 48 miles long, Rhode Island has over 384 miles of coastline due to its proximity to smaller islets. Its small size and high percentage of large bays and inlets led to its moniker as "The Ocean State." Located between the East Coast cities of Boston and New York, it touches the Atlantic Ocean to the east.

2nd: Delaware, with 2,488 72 sq miles)

Delaware (1,949 sq. miles): Smallest States In USA Photo by Pixabay user JD Thomas

Delaware, located on the eastern seaboard, is the second-smallest state in the union. 72 sq extensive stretches of mostly open land and lush vegetation The state was among the first to ratify the United States Constitution, earning it the nickname "The First State." Delaware's total length is only 96 miles (154 kilometers), and its coastline is only 117 miles. The state's coastline and proximity to the ocean create a climate that ranges from pleasant sunny days to heavy rainfall and snow in the winter.

Third, Connecticut (5,543) 41 sq miles)

Connecticut (4,842 sq. miles): Smallest States In USA Picture taken from Pixabay by user jimaro morales

At 5,543 41 sq miles, Connecticut, also known as "The Constitution State," is the second-smallest state in the country, right behind Rhode Island. The Connecticut River, like the Delaware River, gives the state its name. It shares a colonial past with its neighboring states that ultimately led to the ratification of the American Constitution. Hartford is the state capital, but Bridgeport is also a major city in Connecticut.

4) New Jersey (8,722 58 sq miles)

New Jersey (7,354 sq. miles): Smallest States In USA Photo by David Mark on Pixabay

With New York to the north and Delaware to the south, this notorious state has a total area of 8,722 square miles. 58 sq New Jersey is the fourth largest state in terms of land area and total length (170 total miles). There are many businesses located in New Jersey, making it the second wealthiest state in the country in terms of per capita income in 2017.

Fifth, New Hampshire (8,988) 2 sq miles)

New Hampshire (9,349.2 sq. miles): Smallest States In USA Photo by Pixabay user David Mark

With a total area of zero square miles, New Hampshire Covering 25% of US territory with 9,349 2 sq miles area The state of New Hampshire is located in the northeastern United States and shares a border with the Canadian province of Quebec to the north. New Hampshire is known as "The Granite State" due to the abundance of granite quarries located there. Additionally, neither a state sales tax nor a state income tax are collected in this state, and Manchester was once home to the world's largest cotton textile plant. Such industries, along with those of neighboring states, flourished here during the colonial era.

Sixth-placed Vermont (9,616 4 sq miles)

Vermont (9,616.4 sq. miles): Smallest States In USA Photograph taken by Michelle Maria and posted on Pixabay

At 9,616 square miles, it's roughly the same size as New Jersey. 4 sq distance of 0 miles Vermont, which only occupies 0.25% of the country, has the sixth-smallest land area. Vermont, or 'The Green Mountain State,' is the second-least populous state in the United States. Vermont has a long and rich history of abolition and industry that spans more than 12,000 years, beginning with its occupation by Native Americans and continuing through its colonization by other countries. It was the first jurisdiction in the country to legalize marriage between people of the same sex in 2000.

State, Massachusetts (10,554 sq miles)

Massachusetts (10,554 sq. miles): Smallest States In USA Photograph taken by David Mark and posted on the public-domain image sharing website Pixabay

The Massachusetts tribe, the original inhabitants of the area, inspired the state's name. Only 10,554 square feet in size, miles, the state remains a hub for learning and research, especially since Harvard University is located there. Massachusetts is a melting pot of cultures, history, and technology, with its roots in the Salem witch trials, its production of the Kennedy and Adams political dynasties, and its status as a hub for startups (in Cambridge).

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Number Eight: Hawaii, which covers 10,931 square miles)

Hawaii (10,931 sq. miles): Smallest States In USA Photo by Pixabay user Michelle Maria

Even when including all 132 of Hawaii's islands, the total area is still only 10,931 square miles) and the other seven are all over a thousand square km), Maui (727 sq islands: Hawaii (which has a land area of 2.6 sq. Kauai (562 square ) and Molokai (260 square the islands of Lanai (140 square Niihau (69 square kilometers) and Kahoolawe (45 square miles) Because of its tropical climate, exotic beaches, and resorts, as well as other high-priced amenities, Hawaii is a well-known tourist destination. It's the newest addition to the union of independent states, making it the 50th state in the United States. Here are some of Hawaii's finest shores:

12 405 square miles) 9. Maryland miles)

Maryland (12,405 sq. miles): Smallest States In USA Photo by Pixabay user David Mark

At 12,405 sq miles and a zero-percentage increase in distance Maryland, which accounts for one-third (33%) of the United States' total land area, is another prominent Eastern US state. The state's location on the edge of the ocean means it has a staggering 4000 kilometers of coastline and an equally staggering range of climates. Maryland has been called "America in Miniature" because of the wide range of climates found within its relatively small area, from thunderstorms and hot, humid summers to heavy snow, and from sandy regions to the coast.

Area: 24,230 km2 miles)

West Virginia (24,230 sq. miles): Smallest States In USA Graphic sourced from Pixabay user David Mark

West Virginia, also known as the "Mountain State," is located to Maryland's east and is 24,230 square miles larger than its neighbor. miles (0 (2/3 of the United States, or 64% of the total land area) Skiing, rafting, hiking, and mountain climbing are just a few of the popular outdoor pursuits in this state, which is also well-known for its mining industry and mountainous terrain. But in terms of education, employment, entrepreneurialism, and even vaccination rates, the state ranks near the bottom. Charlestown, the nation's seat, is by far the most populous settlement.

South Carolina ranks 11th in population, with 32,020 49 Sq Miles)

As a southern state, South Carolina was named after King Charles I of England. It has the 23rd-highest population density and ranks as the 40th-largest state. S state

Five distinct cultural regions can be identified within South Carolina's three natural geographic areas: the Atlantic coastal plain, the Piedmont, and the Blue Ridge Mountains.

12. Maine (35,379 74 Sq Miles)

With a population of 35,379, Maine is the most populous state in New England and the fourth most populous state in the Northeastern United States. 74 Sq Area in Square Miles It ranks as the 9th least populous state in the country and the 12th smallest in terms of land area.

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The list continues with states that are increasingly located in the Midwest and South, such as South Carolina, Maine, Indiana, Kentucky, etc.

FAQs and Their Expert Explanations

Q If you were to name the second smallest state in the United States, which one would it be?

A With a total land area of only 1,949 square miles, Delaware is the second-smallest state. acres) or 5.0470 kilometers) primarily consisting of open, forested areas

Q Find the smallest U possible. S Dimensional Analysis of the 50 States

A With only 1,034 square miles of land, Rhode Island easily takes the title of smallest state in the United States. miles area

Q Which four states are the smallest?

A The smallest states are Rhode Island, Delaware, Connecticut, and Hawaii.

Q Identify the United States's least populous state. S in terms of the number of people

A Only about 580,000 people call Wyoming home, making it the least populous of all 50 states.

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