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A map of the United States, with the two non-adjacent states shown in insets at the bottom left. Alaska's location in relation to the lower 48 states is depicted here. The proximity of Hawaii to the rest of the United States Adjacent states and the District of Columbia

A map of the United States, with the two non-adjacent states shown in insets at the bottom left.
Alaska's location in relation to the lower 48 states is depicted here.
The proximity of Hawaii to the rest of the United States

Adjacent states and the District of Columbia make up the contiguous United States. Alaska and Hawaii, the only two non-contiguous states, as well as the last two states admitted to the Union, are not included, nor are any offshore insular areas like American Samoa, Guam, the Northern Mariana Islands, Puerto Rico, or the U.S. Virgin Islands. Lower East Side" is slang for the area between   The number "48"[1] is also used, but usually only in reference to Alaska (Hawaii is further south).

Alaska, which is also on the continent of North America but is separated from the 48 states by British Columbia and Yukon of Canada, is considered part of the continental United States, but the Hawaiian Islands and all other U.S. territories in the Caribbean and the Pacific are not. [1][5]

The farthest point completely within the 48 contiguous states of the U.S. S between Florida and Washington State,[6] which is 2,802 miles (4,509 km) long; the longest north-south line is 1,650 miles (2,660 km) long. [7] The 48 contiguous states S takes up 3,119,884 square the equivalent of 69 square miles (8,080,464 3 km2) With a population of 2,959,064 The population of the area is approximately 7.663.941 square miles in size. 83 percent (or 7.7 km2) of the total area is made up of dry land. As much as 65 percent of the United S landmass, roughly the same size as Australia [8] As of now, 160,820 25 sq. mi. (416,522 sq. km.) There is more water than land in the contiguous United States (62%, or 1. 66% of the total water area in the country

If the United States mainland were a country, it would rank fifth in terms of total land area, behind only Russia, Canada, and Mexico. However, the combined U. S and Hawaii, ranks third or fourth Based on land area alone, the country is ranked fourth, behind Russia, Canada, and China, but ahead of Brazil and Australia. [9]Brazil is larger than the contiguous United States by 431,000 square kilometers (166,000 sq mi), but it is smaller than the United States as a whole. The only countries larger than Brazil are Russia, Canada, and possibly China. There were 328,571,074 people living in this area as of the 2020 census, distributed across 99 With a population density of just over 110 per square kilometer and 13 4.04 people per square mile (42 an increase from 93 to 872 inhabitants per square kilometer 844/sq mi (36 total national density of 233 per square kilometer [10]

In other words [ edit ]

As a corollary, while conterminous U S means exactly what it says (a contiguous U) S Besides "contiguous" and "adjacent," which both mean "sharing a common boundary," other common terms for the 48 states have more room for interpretation.

The United States proper, including Alaska and Hawaii [ edit ]

The term continental United States is qualified by the explicit inclusion of Alaska to resolve any ambiguity because Alaska is also a part of North America. On May 14, 1959, the United States Board on Geographic Names defined the continental United States as "the 49 States on the North American Continent and the District of Columbia," citing a definition in the Alaska Omnibus Bill. On May 13, 1999, the Board reaffirmed these definitions. [14] Nonetheless, Alaska was rightfully counted as part of the United States' continental territory long before it became one. S As a result of being a legally recognized territory [15]

Despite its common use as a synonym for "continental United States," the term "mainland United States" properly refers only to those states that are physically attached to the continent of North America; this definition specifically excludes both Hawaii and other overseas insular areas. the Aleutian Islands (Alaska), the San Juan Islands (Washington), the California)" target="_blank">Channel Islands (California), the Keys (Florida), the barrier islands (Gulf and East Coast states), and Long Island (New York) are all examples of islands that are technically a part of a continental state but are geographically distinct from the mainland. [16]

North America and Oceania [ edit ]

The United States Department of Defense, the General Services Administration, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, and others use the acronym CONUS, which stands for the Continental United States. The District of Columbia is not always designated as a member of the CONUS [17][18]. [18]

The acronym OCONUS stands for "Outside of Continental United States" and is derived from the acronym CONUS by adding the prefix "O" for "outside." [17][19]

Lesser 48 [ edit ]

The lower 48 states are often used as a synonym for the United States proper. When referring to the lower 48 states, the National Geographic style guide suggests using contiguous or contiguous United States. The entire state of Hawaii lies south of the southernmost tip of the United States, which is in Florida [20][21].

In-Territory Region [ edit ]

During World War II, the first four numbered Air Forces of the United States Army Air Forces (USAAF) were said to be assigned to the Zone of the Interior by the American military organizations of the time—the future states of Alaska and Hawaii, then each only organized incorporated territories of the Union, were respectively covered by the Eleventh Air Force and Seventh Air Force during the war For further reading on this topic, see the [citation needed]1citation needed

Words and phrases unique to the United States's territories S jurisdictions [ edit ]

Because of their relative distance from the rest of the country, residents of Alaska, Hawaii, and the other U.S. territories have their own names for the lower 48 states.

Alaska [ edit ]

On January 3, 1959, Alaska was admitted to the Union as the 49th state. Located in the far northwestern corner of North America, the state of Alaska is separated from the rest of the American West Coast by British Columbia, which is part of Canada. Lower 48 has been a common Alaskan synonym for "contiguous United States" for quite some time;[22][23] today, many Alaskans use the term "Outside," though some people may use "Outside" to refer to any location not within Alaska. [24]

Hawaii [ edit ]

In 1959, on August 21st, Hawaii (consisting of nearly all the Hawaiian Islands) was admitted to the Union as the 50th state. This state is the most recent addition to the Union and the southernmost. Hawaii is an island state in the Pacific Ocean, roughly 2,200 miles (3,541 km) away from North America and about halfway between Asia and Australia. For example, the terms the Mainland and United States do not have a common meaning in places like Hawaii and other overseas American territories. S The 49 continental United States of America are often referred to collectively as "the Mainland." [25][26]

The Island of Puerto Rico [ edit ]

Puerto Rico is a U.S. territory in the northeastern Caribbean Sea, about 1,609 kilometers (1,100 miles) southeast of Miami, Florida. U.S. citizens if they were born to a U.S. S citizens who can legally relocate to the United States proper People who are of Puerto Rican descent but currently reside in the United States are called "Stateside Puerto Ricans." S people living in another state or the District of Columbia who were either born in Puerto Rico or have Puerto Rican ancestry [27]

U S San Juan, Puerto Rico [ edit ]

The United States Virgin Islands are a chain of islands belonging to the United States that are situated in the eastern Caribbean Sea, to the immediate east of Puerto Rico. In reference to the United States, the mainland is referred to as "stateside" [28]. S Islands (see also US-based Virgin Islanders)[29].

The Federated States of Micronesia and American Samoa [ edit ]

To the south of the equator in Polynesia, some 3,500 kilometers (2,200 miles) from Hawaii, lies the U.S. territory of American Samoa. [30] Those from the lower 48 states are referred to as "mainland Americans" or "the states" in American Samoa, while those from elsewhere in the United States are referred to as "palagi." [31]

In the contiguous United States, non-contiguous areas are those that do not join with other contiguous areas. [ edit ]

U.S. territories outside of the contiguous 48 states, as well as some non-contiguous U.S. S can only be reached by road by crossing Canada Three such locations are Point Roberts, Washington; Minnesota" target="_blank">Elm Point, Minnesota; and the Northwest Angle of Minnesota. Bridges connect Alburgh, Vermont to the rest of Vermont and New York. Hyder, Alaska, on the other hand, is both the easternmost town in the state and the easternmost settlement in the contiguous portion of Alaska, but it can only be reached by road from Canada or by seaplane.

Union state list S states [ edit ]

These are the 48 adjoining states:

As an added bonus, DC is part of the 48 contiguous states.

See also [ edit ]

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References [ edit ]

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