What state in America gets the least amount of rain? Here are the top ten.

Human activity, elevation, and geographic location are just a few of the many variables that affect the weather. The weather in the United States is just as varied and region-specific as the rest of the country. This explains why some parts of the United States see more dry spells than others. Find out why the state with the fewest raindrops in the United States is the driest.

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driest state in the US Picture taken on September 1, 2022, of Lake Powell in Arizona's Page region. Credit for the photo goes to: David McNew
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To put it simply, the United States of America is a massive nation. Due to its relatively small size, the amount and consistency of its rainfall varies greatly. Some states get a lot more rainfall than others, while others receive only a few inches of precipitation annually.

Which state has the least amount of precipitation in the United States?

People from all walks of life can be found in the United States. Extremely large and climatically diverse regions Some states, for instance, see less rain than others. If so, what causes the differences? What are the ten driest states in the United States, and why? Here you will find comprehensive information on the various regions.

Firstly, Nevada - 10 annual precipitation of 2 inches

driest state in the US Beautiful Nevada skyline against a desert landscape. Ziggy Spiz (in a photo)
Photographs courtesy of Getty Images.

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Exactly which state has the lowest annual precipitation? Nevada is landlocked, making it one of the driest states in America. Since there is not much precipitation in the southern hemisphere, the relative humidity is low. Because of this, the state experiences semi-arid conditions and extremely hot summers. The high elevation of Nevada means that it takes longer for the cooling effects of the earth's core to reach the state's flatlands.

Increases in temperature in Nevada's desert climate have been documented at over 2 Since the turn of the millennium, temperatures have risen by 4 degrees Fahrenheit. In addition, the nearby mountains act as a natural barrier to the wet air from the ocean, making the region less susceptible to the brisk crosswinds that are typical of coastal areas. Nevada is one of the driest states in the US because of its low annual rainfall.

Rainfall in Utah averages 11 inches annually.

driest state in the US Squaw Canyon, Canyonlands National Park, Utah, USA, at dusk, surrounded by cottonwood trees in full autumn color. Alan Majchrowicz (pictured)
Image Credit: Getty Images

After Nevada, Utah is the second driest state in the USA. However, for decades it ranked as the third-driest in the US, but in the last three years, due to global warming, it has fallen to second-driest. Precipitation in the state averages 11 inches per year, but can be significantly lower (or significantly higher) than that, depending on latitude and elevation.

State summaries classify Utah's climate as semi-arid to desert, with hot summers and cold winters. Elevation plays a role in the state's climate due to the abundance of mountains. The Pacific Ocean's influence results in the heaviest rainfall in April.

Arizona, 3, down 12 A yearly average of 6 inches

driest state in the US View of Papago Park in Phoenix, Arizona, from atop Camelback Mountain. Matthew Mawson (in a photo by)
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How much rain does Arizona typically get? Annual precipitation varies from 3 inches in Yuma in the state's southwest to around 40 inches in the White Mountains in the state's east-central region, as reported by Arizona State Climate.

Arizona's vast landmass and wide range of elevation mean that the state's climate is far from uniform. For instance, it only gets a meager 12 Sixteen and a half inches of rain per year, with zero snowfall. Average monthly rainfall of 9 inches

Number Four: Wyoming, by a score of 12 annual average rainfall of 68 inches

driest state in the US Wyoming, USA: a beautiful field under a cloudless sky Alex Lupu (in a photo)
Image Credit: Getty Images

Wyoming, a state in the western United States known for its mountains, is the fourth driest in the country, with an annual rainfall of only 12. The average annual rainfall is 68 inches. This is why it also has the lowest population density in the nation. As a mountainous area of the United States, it also experiences significant temperature swings.

Semi-arid to continental climates, with greater temperature swings than the rest of the country, are described by Cool Weather for Wyoming. Wyoming, on the other hand, is a true desert because its rainiest months are late spring and early summer.

5 New Mexico 13 An average annual rainfall of 85 inches

driest state in the US Observing the Dawn Over Shiprock, New Mexico Picture by: Sumiko Scott
From Getty Images.

With only 13 inches of rain per year, New Mexico is among the driest states in the country. 85 inches According to Britannica, the annual precipitation in the higher mountains is around 40 inches, while in the lower mountains it is only 8 to 10 inches.

Hot summers have always been one of New Mexico's selling points, especially for retirees and people looking to treat respiratory and other ailments.

Sixth-place, Montana: 15 Annual precipitation of 2 inches

driest state in the US In Montana, a field of plants grows against a clear blue sky. A picture of David Farlow
Image Credit: Getty Images

With only 15 inches of rain per year, Montana ranks as the sixth driest state in the United States. 2 inches Droughts are common in Montana because of the state's remoteness and high average temperatures. However, due to variations in topography, geology, and elevation, the state experiences a wide range of climatic conditions.

It is reported by Big Sky Fishing that Montana is one of the 15 states that Annual precipitation averages 2 inches, though this varies greatly from west to east due to the rain shadow zones created by the region's towering mountains.

Seventeen inches of precipitation annually in Colorado

driest state in the US Colorado, United States, landscape with scenic view. Natalya van Assem - Skiba (Photo by:)
Image Credit: Getty Images

The Denver Post reports that the average annual rainfall in Colorado is around 17 inches, though it can range from as little as 15 inches to as much as 20 inches. Colorado receives rain, snow, and hail, and the amount of each varies with the seasons, the year, and the region.

About 17 inches of precipitation falls each year across the state on average. However, due to a variety of geographical factors, this average varies widely across the region.

It rains an average of 17 inches per year in North Dakota, which ranks eighth in the country.

driest state in the US Panoramic view of the Badlands in North Dakota's Theodore Roosevelt National Park Wildnerdpix is the photographer for this image.
Image Credit: Getty Images

Temperature swings in North Dakota are typical of the continental climate. Despite this, the region's central location in North America causes it to endure harsh winters and hot summers.

Only 17 inches of rain falls annually in North Dakota, making it one of the driest states in the country, as reported by Cool Weather. The climate ranges from wet in the east to dry in the west. As a result, precipitation and moisture move in a westerly direction, with the east generally receiving more precipitation than the west. Average annual precipitation in the state varies from 14 inches to 22 inches depending on where you are.

The annual average rainfall in Idaho is 18.2 inches.

driest state in the US Craters of the Moon in Idaho, a popular hiking destination. Photo: L Mr. Toshio Kishiyama
From Getty Images.

How much rain does Idaho typically get? Idaho has a yearly average rainfall of 18 inches. Furthermore, each year, the state receives an average of 47 inches of snow. Cool Weather reports that Grand View, in southwestern Idaho, receives only 7 inches of rain per year on average. 11 inches In Burke, located in northern Idaho, the annual rainfall average is a whopping 48 inches. Although it receives an annual average of 87 inches of precipitation, it is not the wettest place on Earth.

Tenth-place, South Dakota: 19 The annual precipitation averages 1 inch.

driest state in the US Western South Dakota, USA, is home to a vast wilderness area. In this photo: President William Reagan
Photographs courtesy of Getty Images.

State Summaries places South Dakota as one of the driest states in the country, with an annual average rainfall of 19 inches. Across the state, the average annual rainfall is somewhere between 16 and 28 inches.

The state straddles the humid East Coast and the semiarid Western Great Plains. Being so far inland and away from the ocean causes South Dakota to have abnormally high temperatures.

State by state, which three are the driest?

Nevada ranks first among the driest states in the United States. 2%, UT (11%), AZ (12%), and UT (12). 6 inches)

Where in the Eastern United States has the lowest precipitation?

Upper Tract is one of the driest places in the East, according to Wikiwand. The mountain Spruce Knob creates a rain shadow to the west, giving the area east of the Mississippi River a dry climate.

Which five states have the least precipitation?

The five driest states are as follows:

  • Nevada, ten Annual precipitation of 2 inches
  • Utah receives an average of 11 inches of precipitation annually.
  • Ariz. - 12 The annual average rainfall is 6 inches.
  • State of Wyoming, Twelve Annual rainfall averages 68 inches.
  • 13 - New Mexico Annual rainfall averages 85 inches.

Which U.S. location receives the least precipitation?

Yuma, Arizona, is located in the southwestern corner of the state, and the local Fox affiliate reports that the city receives an average of less than three inches of rain per year. The city has been named the "Sunniest City on Earth" by Guinness World Records. At least 91% of the year in Yuma, Arizona, sees sunshine and warm temperatures, making it a popular vacation spot all through the year.

States with relatively low annual precipitation are considered among America's driest. The latitude, altitude, and relief of a region all play a role in shaping the weather patterns that prevail there. You can learn a lot about the best places to stay in the United States from data on the states with the least amount of precipitation.

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