Where in the country does summertime humidity tend to be the most oppressive?

AprilAire promotes Healthy Air because of the positive effects it has on one's health. In fact, the American Lung Association is aware of it as well. Because of their significant contribution to the fight for better lung health and the prevention of lung disease, the American Lung Association has named AprilAire air filters a National Proud Partner*.

To learn more about the importance of Healthy Air and how AprilAire and the American Lung Association are working together to help you Breathe the Fullness of Life, we spoke with Sally Draper, National Senior Vice President of Development.

Could you please give the readers a brief introduction of yourself and tell us why you decided to work for the American Lung Association?

In 2014, I decided to become a member of the Lung Association due to my interest in the organization's overarching goal of preventing lung disease and enhancing lung health. Every day, we fund cutting-edge research, advocate for lung-protecting policies, and educate patients, caregivers, providers, and the public with evidence-based knowledge to help Americans breathe easier. We began over 115 years ago, but the problems we face now, such as the rising popularity of e-cigarettes among young people, global warming, and the spread of COVID-19, are more pressing than ever. ”

I was wondering if you could tell us more about the American Lung Association and the work that they do.

The American Lung Association has been called "the world's preeminent voluntary health organization dedicated to saving lives by preventing lung disease and promoting lung health." Our efforts are directed toward four overarching goals: eradicating lung cancer, promoting healthy air for all, enhancing the lives of those living with lung disease and their loved ones, and making the future tobacco-free. Every day, lives are saved thanks to the American Lung Association's efforts to find treatments for lung diseases, discourage youth tobacco use, and promote laws that safeguard the quality of the air we breathe. ”

For starters, what prompted the partnership between AprilAire and the American Lung Association? Just how does that connection stand right now

In 2018, AprilAire established a partnership with the American Lung Association. We soon discovered how much we shared in common. We decided to work together because we saw a chance to improve people's knowledge and the quality of the air in their homes.

With its 4" residential air filters, AprilAire has been a Proud Partner of the Lung Association since 2020. The Lung Association also welcomed AprilAire as our Healthy Air FY20 National Fight For Air Climb Partner. Additionally, the firm has contributed to the "Stand Up For Clean Air" campaign of the Lung Association. To further this effort, we are promoting dialogue about climate change, air quality, and human health. The Lung Association encouraged people to use the hashtag #MyCleanAirStory to talk about the effects of climate change and poor air quality on themselves, their families, and their communities in the hopes of inspiring people to take action. Prizes for the #MyCleanAirStory contest were provided by AprilAire, which included one AprilAire Healthy Air System® for whole-home indoor air quality improvement and nine AprilAire Room Air Purifiers. Again this year, the company is the presenting sponsor of Milwaukee's Wisconsin Fight For Air Climb. Dale Philippi, CEO of AprilAire parent company Research Products Corporation, joined the Lung Association's Wisconsin Leadership Board of Directors in 2021. ”

Walk us through the steps of the Fight For Air Climb.

"The Fight For Air Climb, presented by the American Lung Association, is the premier stair climbing challenge in the country." This festive stair-climbing adventure is open to people of all ages at any of the 38 events held across the country. A number of America's most recognizable skyscrapers played host to the Fight For Air Climb just before the pandemic. To promote healthy lungs and clean air, the Lung Association is taking its supporters on a one-of-a-kind outdoor adventure this year. In fact, on May 22nd, Dale was among the company's team of more than fifty employees who climbed the stairs at Milwaukee's American Family Field, demonstrating that he puts his feet, time, and talent behind causes he supports.

AprilAire has been a reliable supporter of the Fight For Air Climb, spreading the word amongst their staff, clients, vendors, and friends and family. The company is reaching out to people of all ages through this novel medium to help them recognize the value of Healthy Air. ”

The American Lung Association is a National Proud Partner of AprilAire's air filters. To what extent do you believe that our goals coincide with yours?

According to our CEO, Harold Wimmer, "breathing should not be an uphill battle, but for many it is... no one should have to fight for air on a daily basis." It's worth noting that Dale has made a similar proclamation: "We believe everyone deserves to breathe Healthy Air. The American Lung Association is a champion for clean air for all people, and AprilAire's mission to improve people's health through better air in their homes makes them a natural fit as a National Proud Partner. ”

How can people take advantage of the benefits of healthy air and what simple actions can they take each day to fully inhale life?

If you want healthy lungs, you need clean air. The American Lung Association campaigns for clean air that is free of dangerous toxins. In fact, each year we release a report called "State of the Air" that analyzes ozone and fine particulate matter, two of the most pervasive and potentially harmful air pollutants. According to the results of our 2021 State of the Air Report, more than 135 million people, or four out of ten Americans, are exposed to ozone or particle pollution levels that are unhealthy for their health.

Keeping pollutants out of your house is an important step toward enjoying life to the fullest. Look at these simple guidelines on Lung org Indoor air quality can be improved by increasing the building's ventilation and eliminating the sources of pollution that have been identified. See the section on Ventilation: How Buildings Breathe for information on how to improve indoor air quality for the sake of your lungs. ”

Strive for Clean Air

We at AprilAire are not alone in our belief that everyone should be able to "Breathe the Fullness of Life." Our goal is to ensure that everyone breathes in healthy air through our partnership with the American Lung Association. The Lung Association agrees with AprilAire that everyone should have access to healthy air to breathe, and that good IAQ is crucial to preserving lung health. You can learn more about our collaboration and the American Lung Association's initiatives by visiting their website.

The American Lung Association does not recommend any specific brand of cough syrup, asthma inhaler, or other product or service.

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